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Starting with Basecone
Checklist: start with Basecone
Checklist: start with Basecone

Steps to follow when starting with Basecone. In this way, you do not miss anything!

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To ensure that you can get started quickly with Basecone, we have made a step-by-step guide for you. Of course, not all steps need to apply to you.

1. Start with a Basecone (trial) subscription and create your own environment

When you want to start with Basecone, you must first create your own Basecone environment. You can sign up on our website. You also choose the office code, with which all users in your environment must use to log in (in addition with the username and password). Read more about these steps here:

2. Add company

When you have created a Basecone environment, you can start by adding a company. You can go through the following steps:

3. Add users

After you add a company, you can give users access to the company. You can determine per user to which company they may have access to in Basecone.

4. Workflow settings (optional)

You can choose to use our authorisation module per company. For this you can go through the following steps:

5. Learn to book quickly and efficiently

When all the settings are correct and you are ready to book invoices, we have a number of tips to do this as efficiently as possible!

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