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Read all about what you need to pay attention to when you create new users in Basecone

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In this article we will provide you with some tips on what to do after new users are created. If you have not created any users yet, it is best read this article first which will give you explanation step by step what to pay attention to.

  • Make sure the user can set a password

  • Set the the default login screen: Home or Workloadmatrix

  • Permission settings to allow the user to change/add IBAN numbers

  • Create the right user role combinations

Make sure the user can set a password

After you created a new user in Basecone, you can send this user a link to create a password for his/her user in Basecone. The link is send to the user's registered email address that is mentioned in the user's settings (see image below). This link is valid for 30 minutes and the user can requests for a new link themselves if it is expired.
See article: Login page of Basecone.

๐Ÿ“Œ Basecone does not send the user the office code and username when the user is created. You have to inform the user their login credentials.ย 

Set the workloadmatrix as the home screen

Each user can set their own preferred login screen after logging into Basecone. The default settings is home. It is optional to change this to the workloadmatrix. If the preferred screen is changed to workloadmatrix, the user can quickly see what he or she (still) has to do. This can be changed the settings tab of the user.

Make sure the user can adjust IBAN numbers

For safety reasons, the default settings is disabled for the user to adjust the IBAN of a customer or supplier during the booking stage. If this user is allowed to change bank details in Basecone, the settings for edit bank draft / IBAN setting can be changed to yes. Only a Super user is allowed to change this setting.ย 

Create the right user role combinations

In the user roles tab you can select the roles of a user. The following user roles combinations should not be used together:

  • Accountant or SME AccountantMake sure you create a user with a bookkeeper accountant or accountant SME. It is not necessary to give a user both the role of accountant and the role of accountant SME. This is in fact conflicting and can cause errors.

  • Client user or Restricted client userWhen you activate both of these roles, the role of a limited customer user is the guiding principle. Therefore, make a choice between one of these two roles. A limited customer user can only see the documents he has provided in Basecone himself, a customer user can see all documents.

Do you want to know which roles to choose? Then it is best to read this article. This gives extensive explanation about each user roles.

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