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You can easily create new users in Basecone or you can import users from the accounting system and give appropriate access rights directly in Basecone. Before you create users, it is handy to first to add a company first in Basecone. 

In this article I will explain how you can easily and quickly create users in Basecone. Creating users is done in the following steps:

  1. Enter user data

  2. Determine the user roles that a user gets

  3. Give the user access to a company or companies

  4. Send a link for the user to reset his/her password and inform the user of their login credentials after they are created

Step 1: Enter user data

You can easily add a user by going to Settings > Users and click on + Add user (s).

When you add users, you can enter the data for these users. You can determine the username and the registered e-mail address of the user. We advise you not to enter your own e-mail address here, but the e-mail address of this user. This way, this user can easily reset his/her own password.

Here you can fill in the user's name, create a username for the user and enter their email address. It is advisable not use special characters such as é or á and so on.

Tip: If you plan to add multiple users with the same user roles and who has access to the same company or companies, you can easily create multiple users at once. Click the green plus sign to create multiple users at once.

Step 2: Determine the user roles that a user gets

The next step is to select the user roles. In this article you can read more about the permission rights of each user roles. You may need to check multiple roles for a user.

📌Please take into account at least the following points when choosing the roles:

  • When you create a user who must be able to book in Basecone, you can give this user the role of Accountant or SME Accountant. It is not necessary to give a user both the roles. This is conflicting and can cause error messages.

  • If a user needs to be able to submit documents in Basecone, you give them the role of Client user or Restricted client user. A Restricted client user can only see documents he/she has uploaded to Basecone. A Client user can see all documents. Do not enable both of these user roles, please choose one.

  • A monthly fee is charged when you activate the user role of authoriser. When you enable this role, you can choose where this is fee is billed. The default fee is charged to the office, unless there is a payment agreement and you can indicate this.

Step 3: Give the user access to a company or companies

You can then link the user directly to company or companies. Here you can give the user access to a company or several companies by marking the checkbox.

At the bottom of the page, mark the checkbox to send the user a link to create their password. It is therefore important that the user is registered to their own email address. Please inform the user their username and office code.

By selecting this check-box, an automatic email is sent directly to the e-mail address when you create that user. 

You can also choose to do this later. If you have forgotten to select this check-box, you can also go to Settings-User-Action (edit) and click on the blue icon to '' Send a link to set password '' at a later time.

📌 Please inform the user their login credentials such as username and office code after the user is created. For security reasons, Basecone do not send this information to the user. The responsibility is of the user who creates the new user in Basecone.

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