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Import users from the accounting system
Import users from the accounting system

Read here how you can add multiple users at once, by importing them from the accounting system

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To make it easier to add multiple users, there is an option in Basecone to import users from the accounting system. Sometimes the users you want to add already exist in the accounting system with which Basecone is linked to.

If you go to the user settings in Basecone, it is possible to import users from the accounting package (settings> users> add users). You can import existing users from your accounting system here using the second tab: connect users. When you select an accounting system, a list of users will appear for you to select.

Select one or more users each time you want to create with the same role. Select one or more roles and select the companies the users should have access to. This action will create multiple users and will have the same role (s) and is linked to the same company or companies.

Finally, you can choose to send the users an email so they can create their password. This link is valid for 30 minutes and will be sent to the e-mail address that is registered to the username from the accounting system. If the link is expired, the user can request for a new link by entering your username and office code.

📌 Basecone does not send the user the office code and username of Basecone when the user is created. You have to inform the the user their login credentials. 

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