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A user in Basecone is able to have one or multiple user roles. This article helps you understand the types of user roles available in Basecone. The user roles can be controlled at Settings (1) - Users (2) - Action (edit) - tab User roles (3).

The user role with the highest permission rights is Super user and the user with the least permission access is Restricted client user. Below is an explanation of each user role:

Super user

This user manages the Basecone environment and for example is able to create new companies, create new users, delete users in Basecone, manage the office settings, control the company's synchronisation and more. This user has a management function and has no role in the document flow.


This user role allows a user to book document to the accounting system. This user can create new companies, create new users, manage users' and the company's settings. But this user cannot delete users in Basecone. 

SME Accountant

This role is the same as the Accountant and is given to the clients of the accountancy firm. This user has limited access where the user cannot delete a company or user or make changes to the mandatory settings of a company. This user cannot see any users working in the accountancy firm and can only view users with the role of (restricted) client user. If the user role is combined with the authoriser role, then this user can also see the other authoriser(s) - but you cannot manage the user settings.

Authorisation administrator

This user role will allow the user to follow and view the pending authorisation invoices in Basecone. When a document is stuck in the authorisation process, this user can intervene and get the process back on track by contacting the authoriser or re-assign the document to another authoriser. This user role is used when the company makes use of the authorisation workflow and this role is usually assigned to users with the role of Accountant or SME Accountant. This user can also activate the user role 'authoriser' for users.


Users with this role can view only documents or invoices assigned to him or her for authorisation. The user can only view document(s) if he/she is in turn to authorise.

Client user

This user is able to manage documents that are ready for tagging. The user can upload, split, tag and/or assign documents to an authoriser. A Client user cannot book the documents. This user can see all documents in the archive that are not assigned to an authoriser and can only view documents in the company that he/she has access to.

Restricted client user

This role is the same as the Client User as described above where the user can split, tag and assign documents to an authoriser. In this case, the user can only view and manage documents that he/she delivers themselves.

📌 Good to know

Below is an example of combination roles that can be given for a user. This allows the user to tag and book documents in Basecone. 

  • Accountant + Client user

  • SME Accountant + Client user

The roles above are the same except the user have less permission (SME).

It can also be useful for the Super User or Accountant to have the role Authorisation Administrator to manage all documents that are pending for authorisation. 

Combination Client user and Restricted Client User should not be used together. This will cause the roles to conflict with each other and they will not be able to see the invoice ready to be tagged.

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