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Tips & Tricks: validation overview and bulk-booking
Tips & Tricks: validation overview and bulk-booking

Handy tips & tricks for the first use

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📌 Only users with the role of Accountant and SME Accountant have access to the validation overview.

Start with the validation overview and bulk booking

For a complete description of how you can work with the validation overview, there is also another article available. In this article we will go into more useful tips & tricks and how you can best start with the validation overview and bulk booking.

Tips & tricks 

  • Columns and settings

  • Reject in bulk

  • Sorting of documents

  • Invoices with orange status

Columns and settings

Click on the column at the top right and select the information you want to see. A number of columns are set as mandatory and you can specify which additional columns you want to show. 📌 Use only necessary columns to create a clear view.

You can change the order of the columns by dragging them to the left or right. These changes are saved in the browser.

📌 When the invoice image is opened on the right, you can still view the booking details below the invoice image on the right. The first three lines are always visible. If you have multiple lines, you can use the scroll bar to view the lines.

Reject in Bulk

If you know that invoices are incorrectly tagged or have been uploaded to the wrong company, you can easily reject them in bulk.

At the moment you can select and reject up to 10 documents at the same time. You can select documents by holding the CTRL or SHIFT key and then on the Reject button on top menu.

Sorting of documents

The validation overview offers the possibility to sort on different columns. Useful columns are status, relations and period.

This sorting function can be used to make specific bookings. Below are a few tips:

Sorting on status

In the first column of the validation overview you can see the status of a transaction. The status is shown by means of a color. You can sort to group the transactions with the same color and, for example, enable status green above.

The “status” column shows three different colours as follows:

  • Green 💚
    All mandatory fields have been completed. Document can be booked to the accounting system.

  • Orange 🔶
    One or more mandatory fields is incomplete or invalid. Document requires individual review.

  • Red 🔴
    An earlier attempt to book the document into your accounting software failed. Document requires individual review.

Sorting on relation

The term “relation” refers to supplier or customer depending on the transaction type. Sorting documents by “relation” will improve booking efficiency, as from experience you will soon learn which invoices are always coded correctly based on pre-saved coding rules for each supplier/customer, and can be booked directly into your accounting software without further review. To book documents into your accounting software in bulk, simply select each document by holding down the ctrl key or using the shift key for a number of lines at once, and then click the “book” button. 

You can also combine this with the "File Type" column which shows if the transaction is based on a PDF or UBL invoice.

📌 Before doing this, please see note above about the colored “status” symbol beside each document.

Sorting on periods

When you are working with a closing period, sort for example on the column "period" to ensure that all transactions relating to the accounting period you are about to close have been booked.

Again you can use the columns "status" and "file type" columns to determine which invoices you want to book first and / or bulk.

Sorting on purchase or sales invoices

Often it is convenient to process invoices per tag. For example, first all sales invoices and then the purchase invoices. Or vice versa.
Then sort the column with the tag to focus on the type of invoice you want to book first.

Invoices with orange status 🔶

After all your invoices with a green status are processed, the invoices with the status orange will not be booked.

Orange indicates that the booking proposal is not complete or that the proposal needs an additional check. In the validation screen you can validate, adjust and/or include additional booking details.

When you have controlled and completed the proposal in the validation screen, you can directly post the invoice in the validation screen.

📌 In general, but certainly with bulk books, it is important that you make optimum use of the recognition of Basecone. So make sure that data such as IBAN and VAT number of the relevant company itself are filled in the company's setting, the creditors and debtor cards are filled as completely as possible and the booking lines are set.

If you have improved the recognition for a specific supplier and / or have set up booking rules, and you know that more invoices from that supplier are ready to be booked, then in the validation overview, you can reject all invoices from that supplier in one go. (max 10 at a time).

When you tag these invoices again (in one go), the updated rules will be applied to these invoices and there is a big chance that these invoices can be booked in one go.

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