Settings to retrieve invoices in Twinfield

Your invoices can always be viewed from Twinfield. Read more to see what you need to set up for free text field 3.

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You can easily retrieve the invoices booked in Basecone and open them directly for each transaction in Twinfield i.e. you can click and view the original invoice for a specific transaction in Twinfield. The link needs to be setup only once in Twinfield, however you need to setup this link for every transaction type you want to retrieve invoices from (purchase invoice, sales invoice etc).

Transaction type setting in Twinfield

In Twinfield there are two settings to retrieve your invoices from Basecone.
For each Transaction Type, it is possible to configure it with Basecone links for each for each journal (such as Purchase, Sales, Cash, Journal and Current Account).

Example: for purchase invoice you can find these settings in Twinfield by going to
Settings > Company settings > Transaction types > purchase invoice.

Setting 1: Document imaging

Name: Basecone
Link: copy & paste the link below to this field (see image above)$freetext3$
(Control this link when you paste this into the field that it's the same)

📌 Configure these settings before posting any invoice from Basecone, otherwise your postings will not show any link in Twinfield.

Setting 2: Configure free text field 3

As last you will need to configure the free text 3 field (see image above). The usage for Free Text Field 3 must be configured to Allowed. When the changes are applied, you can click on Save to apply the new changes in Twinfield.

Configure free textfield 1 (optional)
If you wish to use the free text field in Basecone, the settings in Twinfield must also be enabled. In Basecone this can be enabled per company when you go to Settings - Company - Actions (edit) - settings (tab) and go to Free text field available and you can configure this to  yes / no. In Twinfield free text field 1 should be configured to Allowed in the relevant journal. The location, Total and Detail line must be Header.


For each transaction in Twinfield, there is now a link (see image below). When you click on this, it will open a new tab and retrieve the original invoice from Basecone. You can only view one document per link as each document has its own unique link.  

For safety reasons, it is only possible to open a limited number of documents per minute from Twinfield. You can also choose to let users view documents in Twinfield if they are logged in Basecone.  The user will need to log in Basecone once and then continue to open the invoice(s) from Twinfield. If you want to use this extra security, this setting can be enabled in Basecone when you go to Settings - Company - Action (edit) - Settings (tab): and go to option Require login when viewing documents outside Basecone to configure this Yes or No.


Every invoice that is downloaded from Twinfield contains a stamp with the text Copy. If you want to download the original invoice without the stamp, you have to log in to Basecone and download this from the archive. However when you download a document from the archive, a Document Timeline is added as a separate page so that you can easily see what happened to the invoice in the past.
For every invoice it is possible to also view the booking details of an invoice via the 'Document details', such as the general ledger accounts, invoice numbers, autorisers, etc. These original booking details can be viewed in the Basecone's archive against what is booked in Twinfield. For more information on how to view documents in the archive, see article: Archive and retrieving documents.

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