In this article you will read more on three useful tips you can control after the company or companies are created in Basecone.

  1. Ensure that all master data are completely filled in

  2. Control users who have access to the company in Basecone

  3. Control Twinfield settings to retrieve invoices from Basecone

Have you not created any companies yet? Then it is best to first read this article, which explains the steps how you can add new companies to Basecone.

Tip 1: Ensure that all master data are completely filled in

Ensure  all the details of the company are entered in Basecone when you go to Settings - Company - Action (edit) - General (tab) and Address (tab). These fields are important because this ensures that invoices will be recognized correctly and automatically select the creditor and debtor in the booking screen. When these data are entered, it will exclude these information from the recognition. See image below what information needs to be entered in Basecone: Company details and Addresses.

If the address data is not synchronized to Basecone, you can click on add to add a new address and enter this manually. Optionally you can also add additional addresses that are normally mentioned on the invoice that you want to use to filter out for recognition. More information about the recognition can be found on this link: Tips & tricks: Improve invoice recognition

Tip 2: Control the users who have access to this company in Basecone

After you have created a new company in Basecone, you can control the users that have access to this company. It is also possible to give other users access to the company here in the company settings. By default, the access for all users is No and the access can be changed by the user with the role Superuser. When you click on the red icon No, this will change to Yes and the user will have access to the company. If the access is No, this means that the user do not have access to this company.

Tip 3: Control Twinfield settings to retrieve invoices from Basecone

When you have added a Twinfield company in Basecone, it is good to check if the settings in Twinfield are correct. There are two journal settings in Twinfield that you should probably change. Click on the link to go to the article on how you can control this: Settings to retrieve invoices from Twinfield

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