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Add a new company to Basecone
Add a new company to Basecone

How to add/import a company from the accounting system

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You can easily add new companies to Basecone. This article explains what you need to do when adding new companies. This can be created by going to Settings - Companies and click on the add Company button (see below).

Follow the steps below to complete all the actions to add a company in Basecone:

  1. Select the accounting system

  2. Select the company of companies you want to add to Basecone

  3. Control the company's settings

📌 Only users with the role of 'Super user' and 'Accountant' can add companies.

Step 1: Select the accounting system

First select the accounting system that contains the companies that you want to add to Basecone. If you do not see the accounting system that you want to here, then this need to first be created in the office settings in the tab 'accounting system'

Step 2: Select the company or companies you want to add to Basecone 

After the accounting system is selected, Basecone will do a control in the system and display the companies that are not linked to this accounting system. You can select the company or companies that are shown here and then select the applicable company or companies and then click on 'add' to create the company in Basecone. You can add up to a maximum of 5 companies per time.

No company is displayed for you to add to Basecone

It might be that the user who is set up as the synchronisation user do not have access to the company in the accounting system. See article: Synchronisation User

Step 3: Control the company's setting

After the first two steps are completed, the company is created in Basecone. After the company is synchronized, the e-mail address will be visible when you go to Settings - Companies and under the fourth column Emails.
You can now edit the settings of the company when you click under the edit icon underneath the column Action. Ensure that the right users have access to this company.

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