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Starting with Basecone
Create a Basecone environment
Create a Basecone environment

Steps to start with Basecone and activating your trial subscription

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If you want to know if Basecone fits your needs, sign up for a free 14 day trial subscription. After the trial account is setup, you can link the accounting system to Basecone and import your company. 

You can test all the functions for free including the Basecone app for uploading, authorisation and declaration. At the end of the trial subscription you can upgrade to a paid subscription. Click here to view the pricing page.

Step 1: Fill in the registration form

When you click on the above link, you can start the first process to create your own Basecone environment. Fill all the details in the registration form. For the question 'Are you working as a Accountant or for a SME?', ensure that you select the right option. When all details are entered, you can can confirm this.

Step 2: Activate subscription

The next step is to activate your subscription. In the next screen, you will start creating yourself as the first user here and you will create your password right away.

In this screen you can also choose to create your office code. This must be a unique name for your Basecone environment. This code is also used when logging into Basecone. You can, for example, choose your company name or an abbreviation as the office code. This can be later adjusted if needed.

📌 The username and office code will be sent to you by email when the activation is complete. Ensure that you have entered the correct email address in step 1.

Step 3: Link the accounting system

After your first user is created and an office code is chosen, you can make the link to the accounting system. With this link you can also add companies later.

In the next screen, you have the option to select between several accounting system. Select here the accounting system that you are using.

If you are using multiple accounting systems, you can also add them later. Here you will make the first connection to the accounting system.

In the following screen, you must enter your login credentials of the accounting system. It is best to choose a user that has access to all the companies in the accounting system that you want add to Basecone now or later in Basecone.

Depending on the accounting systems chosen, it will ask you to fill in a description. You can choose the description yourself so this connection can be recognized later for this accounting system. It does not have to correspond with the description from the relevant accounting system.

Step 4: Add company

When you are connected with the accounting system, you will end up in your own Basecone environment. Click on this link to follow instructions on how to add companies based on the accounting system created.

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