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Booking of invoices
Overview: booking invoices in Basecone
Overview: booking invoices in Basecone

An overview of all the articles for booking in Basecone

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To be able to book you need the role of an Accountant or SME Accountant in combination with the user role client user. More information about user roles can be found on this page.

When you book invoices in Basecone, these will be processed directly in the accounting system. Basecone tries to recognize and match as many invoices as possible by making it as efficient as possible for the user to assess and quickly book the invoices . This can be done in the booking screen and in the validation overview.

Booking screen: quick start

Start with the booking screen

If you are just starting with Basecone, you will find more information in the following articles below on how to book invoices, which functions and fields are available in the booking screen:

Optimize the use of the booking screen

The following articles will help you to optimize the use of the booking screen:

Validation overview: book and reject multiple invoices

In the validation overview you can book or reject multiple documents in one click. The screen also offers an overview of all documents ready to be booked. You can read more about the validation overview in the following two articles:

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