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When you go to Settings and on the tab users in Basecone, you will see the users that have been added in Bassecone. You can manage the settings of a user here, or delete the user - this can be done under the column actions. In addition, you can also add users in this screen. See article: Create new user(s)

In this article we will give you an overview of all possible of a user settings. If you go to actions in the user overview (edit), you will go to the settings of the selectedc user.

User settings in Basecone

The user settings are divided into different tabs. We will go through each of these:

  • General

  • User role

  • Settings

  • Companies

  • Accounting system users

๐Ÿ“Œ Depending on the user role settings, some settings may be grayed out for changes. Please contact your accountant or the superuser of your Basecone environment if changes need to be made.

General (tab)

The general tab contains all the data of a user. You can change the details of the user, but you cannot change the username. You can also see the blue button to send the user a link to reset his/her password. If a user have not set a password yet or has forgotten it, you can click this icon to send the user a link to reset his/her password.

User roles (tab)

The user roles tab allows you to manage the roles of a user. More information about the rights of the various roles can be found when you click here.ย 

The Bill to column is only applicable if the role of authoriser is selected. Additional costs will be charged for this user role, see here. In general, the bill is send to the office. If a company has a payment agreement, it can be billed directly to the company if you select it here.

Settings (tab)

Under the settings tab you can switch various options on or off. See the different options below:ย 

  • Language
    You can set the preferred language for a user here. You can choose between Dutch, English, German or French.

  • Opening screen after login
    By default, the login page is the home-screen. In this setting, you can the preferred login and you can choose between the home-screen or the workloadmatrix.

  • Edit bank account/IBAN
    By default, the settings of each user is disabled to edit bank account numbers / IBAN in the booking screen. This setting can only be enabled by the Superuser of your Basecone office.

  • Allocate user rights for archive
    By giving a user all rights for the archive, this will allow the user to view all documents in the archive. There are some user roles in Basecone where a user is unable to see all documents. A restricted client user can only see documents that he/she has submitted. An authoriser can only see the documents that have been assigned to him/her for authorisation. And a client user is unable to view documents that are assigned to an authoriser. By default, this setting is disabled.

  • Fit documents to screen
    By default, this setting is disabled and you will see the invoice in a larger view. When this is enabled, a document is compressed to fit in one screen.

  • Use scroll function to navigate through pages
    By default, this setting is disabled. When you enable this setting, it allows you to scroll through a document with multiple pages in the home-screen and in the booking screen

  • Activate expense claim module
    By default, this setting is disabled. More information about the declaration module can be found here.

  • User active
    A user can be deactivated here by setting when an end date is added here. The user is not deleted from Basecone, but is only deactivated.

Companies (tab)

In the tab Companies, you can indicate here if a user has access to a particular company or not. You can do this by clicking on the Yes/No button and to change the access. You can also indicate if the user will automatically get access to future companies which are added later.ย 

Be careful when making any changes here! If all access is removed, this does not mean that the user is deleted. If this action is taken, the user will become hidden in Basecone. See article: I'm unable to find a user, where can I find it back?

Accounting system users (tab)

The accounting system users tab allows you to link the Basecone user to the accounting system. If multiple accounting systems connections is used, the each of these connections must be linked to the accounting system.

The accounting system users need to be set up only for users with the role of Accountant or SMEs accountant.
See article: Link your Basecone user to a user in the accounting system

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