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Payment agreement

How do you set-up a payment agreement per company/customer and how do you edit it

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You can set-up a payment agreement per company, so that Basecone charges the costs of the company, the use, an authorizer and/or the declaration module directly to the customer.

📌 ATTENTION! This is not possible for companies that are linked to Boekhoudgemak & Multivers.

Customer or Accountant/Accountancy office

It is possible to set-up a payment agreement per company, the customer can do so themself (if they have the role "SME Accountant", "Accountant" or "Super user"). It's also possible to complete the agreement yourself, if you are authorized to send the form on behalf of the contractor and they agree with the general terms and conditions and the Service Level Agreement (SLA).


The payment agreement can be set-up in Basecone via Settings > Companies > Actions (Edit). Then go to the General tab > "Invoice company" (at the bottom of the page).

If a payment agreement has been successfully set-up, the "Payment agreement" tab will become visible at Settings > Companies > Actions (edit).

A payment agreement applies to an environment and/or to a company and is not linked to a user. If you want to set-up a payment agreement for several companies, you will have to do so separately for each company.

The user with the Super user, Accountant or SME Accountant role can change and save the name and address details of the payment agreement als information such as address, name and Chamber of Commerce number.

A change of bank account, or a payment agreement that needs to be removed, always needs to be requested via Support.

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