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Link your Basecone user to the accounting system
Link your Basecone user to the accounting system

This article explains everything that has to do with the accounting system user

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Each user who has the role of Accountant or SME accountant must be linked to the accounting system. The user can do this in Basecone when you go to Settings > User > Action (edit) > Accounting system user.
Here you can link your Basecone user to the accounting system. Without this link or connection, the user is not able to post any documents to the accounting system. 

We advice that each user is linked to their own user in the accounting system. If you have changed your password in the accounting system, this must be changed in Basecone as well. Without changing this in Basecone, the user can no longer post any documents.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Users should have sufficient rights and access in the accounting system to be able to post and mutate files;

  2. Only a user with the user role Accountant or SME accountant will need to have their Basecone user linked to a user in the accounting system. This will allow the user to post documents in Basecone and send the documents to the accounting system;

  3. A user who only submits documents, manages Basecone or is an authorizer, does not need to have their user linked to the accounting system;

  4. Enter your login credentials of the accounting system when you click on Change credentials. Without completing this link, the user will get a warning message in the posting screen;

  5. Check if the username and password are correct, from the accounting system.

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