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Explanation of the functions available in the booking screen

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In this article we will explain step by step the structure of the booking screen. If you want to know how to fill the different fields read this other article.

How do I get to the booking screen?

You can access the booking screen in the following three ways:

  • Home-screen - click on the filter 'Show to be booked documents' to view all the documents, select one document and click on the 'Book' button

  • Workload matrix - click on the number below column 'To be booked'

  • Validation overview - click on a line and click on Details

Functions of booking screen

1. Sort your invoices in two ways:

You can change the order of the documents to be booked in the black bar in the booking screen (between process and cancel). 

  • In order of recognition
    (new documents being recognised during your booking activities will be added at the end of your current workload)

  • In order of delivery
    (new documents being recognised during your booking activities will be added both before and after the current invoice)

It is also possible to change the order of the documents using the validation overview screen, click here for more information.

2. The journal

This standard journal is selected automatically by default.  More information about setting a standard journal can be found on this page.

3. Select or add a new supplier/customer

When booking a document, you will need to select the relevant supplier. If the supplier does not exist in Basecone, you can click on the plus sign to create a new supplier/customer

4. Add a new posting line

If you have multiple lines that you want to post separately. You can can add a new booking line by clicking on the plus button. 

5. Other options in the booking screen

  • Not in payment batch
    If the invoice does not need to be included in the payment, you can mark this box in the booking screen. This is also used when the invoice is temporarily blocked until all authorisers have approved the invoice (this settings needs to be enabled in the workflow settings of the company). Note: This option is only offered when the Basecone company is linked to an company in Twinfield.

  • Credit invoice
    If you have a credit invoice, this needs to be manually selected in the booking screen if not automatically selected

  • Final booking
    By default, Basecone books an invoice as a provisional transaction. With this option marked, the invoice can be booked directly as final. Note: This option is only offered when the Basecone administration is linked to an administration in Twinfield.

  • Ignore warnings
    This option must be ticked in special situations, for example when the invoice date differs from the booking period. Note: This option is only offered when the Basecone administration is linked to a company in Twinfield.

6. Cancel, reject, save

  • Cancel
    Stops the processing of the relevant invoice and returns you to the previous screen without an action being executed.

  • Reject
    Click here if you do not agree with the status of the invoice and do not want to process the invoice. The tag is removed from the invoice and the invoice is entered as a newly received invoice in the overview screen. The procedure can now be repeated again.

  • Save
    You can save the invoice in the interim and later complete, complete and book.

If you want to delete the booking, you can click on the trash bin on the top left.

7. Select an authoriser

If it is desired that an authorization still gives approval after booking, then an authorizer can be assigned in the booking screen. In this case, the document will be submitted to the authorizer(s) after the document has been booked. You can find more information about assigning authorizers in the booking screen on this page.

After everything is filled in correctly, you can book the invoice.
More information about booking invoices can be found on this page.

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