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Read here how to book your invoices in Basecone

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When everything is entered correctly in the booking screen and when the booking proposal is complete, your invoice can be booked. This can be done by means of the icon below, at the bottom or top right of your booking screen. 

You can book an invoice in the following two different ways:

1. Post an invoice without saving the booking rules

By clicking on the arrow above you can book the invoice. By clicking this button, the booking rules are not saved for future bookings.

2. Book an invoice and save the posting rules for future bookings

More information about the use of posting rules can be found here.

When making a booking, you can also save the posting rules at the same time. You do this by pressing the button with the arrow-down.

The line 'Save book and posting rules' will appear, point your cursor on this line and the field will turn blue. Click on this to book the invoice and save the posting rules.

By choosing to save book and posting rules, all used posting rules in Basecone are stored to the relevant customer or supplier. If a match is made with the same customer or supplier in a later booking, the saved posting rules will be filled in automatically to the relevant customer or supplier.

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