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More explanation how you can create or update existing posting rules and how you can save them for future bookings

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When there are multiple VAT percentages in one invoice, it is possible to create different posting lines and save this as a posting rules. If you click on the 'plus' icon at the bottom of the posting line, you can add a new entry line and enter the amount and select the VAT code. Each booking can contain multiple entry lines.

Create a posting rule for a supplier or customer

After all booking details are entered in the booking screen, you can save it as a posting rule for faster bookings in the future. In this way, you can save the ledger or description. The next time you can quickly control if the enter booking details are correct and make changes if needed. 

To save the posting rules, you can click on the button with the arrow-down (this is shown on the right side of the booking screen). The line ''Book and save posting rules'' will appear, move your cursor on this line and the field will turn blue. Click on this to book and save the posting rules.

By choosing ''Book and save posting rules'' all used booking lines in Basecone are saved to the relevant customer or supplier. If a match is made with the same customer or supplier in a later booking, the saved posting rules will be filled in automatically to the relevant customer or supplier.

Save posting rules in the company's settings

Tip: You can also manually create or edit an existing posting rule for a customer or supplier in Basecone when you go to: Settings > Company > Action (edit) > tab Customer/Suppliers > Edit posting rules (icon on the right side of the line). 

The following fields can be saved in the posting lines:

  • General ledger account

  • Cost center

  • Project

  • VAT

  • Description

  • Payment reference

You can also save standard labels as part of the description. For more information about this, click here to see the available standard labels.

The posting rules are synchronized directly with Twinfield after the posting rules is created in Basecone and it is also automatically updated in the company settings in Basecone. If you have set up ratios in Twinfield for a customer or supplier to have the amounts automatically divided over the rules, Basecone will read out and apply this ratio setting.

📌When you are booking more invoices of the same supplier/customer after the posting rules are created or updated, re-select the supplier/customer to apply the new posting rules. 

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