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Authorisation after booking
Assign authorisers in the validation screen
Assign authorisers in the validation screen
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In the booking screen, (1) a user can select a predefined authorisation flow or (2) the user can manually select up to 3 authorisers for authorisation. When you manually select the authoriser(s), you can determine the workflow before the invoice is booked. This workflow is called authorisation for after booking.

Flow of authorisation

The workflow is determined by the order of the selected authoriser(s). After an invoice is booked, the invoice is send to the first authoriser in line. In the example below, the invoice is first send to Chris for approval after the invoice is booked. Then it is send to Nick and Jessica will be the last to approve. And Jessica won't be able to see the invoice until the first two authorizers approve first. If any of the users rejects the invoice, Jessica will not see the invoice to authorise. The authorisation process will stop and the next authoriser(s) will not see the invoice anymore.

📌 Accountant / SME Accountant who is also an authoriser cannot select him/herself as the first authoriser, it is only possible to select yourself as the next authoriser such as the 2nd or 3rd.

If you do not want to book the invoice right away, you can select the authoriser(s) and then click on the save button. The authoriser(s) that is selected here will be saved and in the order of selection. 

Block invoice for payment

For Twinfield companies, you can manually select in the booking screen that the invoice should not be in the payment batch.

You can also temporary blocked the invoice for payment and then release it when the invoice is approved by the authoriser. More information about these setting can be found here.

Rejectbox: follow up on rejected invoices (after booking)

If an authoriser rejects an invoice, the Accountant or SME Accountant can follow up on the rejectbox. Please click here for more information. 

Archive: recognize a document assigned for after booking 

When a document is booked after booking and assigned toi authoriser, this will be shown with a lock-icon under the column status (see image below).

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