Overview screen

From this screen you start using Basecone and access the menu for more options.

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Open Overview Screen (Home-screen)

You can access the overview screen in three ways:

  • automatically after logging in to Basecone

  • by clicking on the logo at the top left of the screen

  • by selecting the Home option in the menu (right top of the screen)

The Overview Screen in Basecone consist of three columns.

Navigation menu

The symbols on the left menu will bring you to the various functions in Basecone. Depending on the user role, you will see more or fewer options. When you point your mouse on a menu option, you can see which option this is.

Companies (column 1)

The left column shows the companies connected to your Accounting System and accessible by the users. The company that is active is unfolded and includes the name of the company, the company code and the number of documents in Basecone (depending your user role). With the tray button you can quickly drag and drop documents in to Basecone. In each company you will see an alert of the number of documents available, based on your role in Basecone need action (e.q. need to be tagged). The top column header contains a search function for companies.

For each company the unique email address is displayed. You can send an e-mail with an attachment to this email address. This way the attachment is uploaded to that specific company in Basecone. The email address is unique and created based on  <officecode>.<company code>@mailtobasecone.com

Documents (column 2)

In the middle column you can see all the documents need action for the selected company. The selected document displays the number of pages and the Document Timeline. The Document Timeline is a list of every action and step that the document has gone through from the moment of delivery to the time of booking and archiving. You can also change the name of the document, split the document into separate pages or merge the documents. The column header contains a option to search all does documents with the status to tag, to authorise and to book. You can also quickly access the archive by using the Archive button (next to the filters).

Selected document (column 3)

On the right column, the image of the selected document is shown here. To reduce or enlarge the document or browse through the pages, see point 1. On the left of the bar, you can ‘re-assign’ a document to another company or tag a document in point 2. On the top right of the page, you can add or read comments for a selected document and the option to delete a selected document in point 3.

User information

On the right tipside you will find your User information. Here you can edit your own user settings, such as your password, language settings, etc. Click here to read more of your user settings.

User information Basecne

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