It is important to fill in the details of suppliers and customers as much as possible and correctly. The unique data from suppliers and customers is used by Basecone to match the right supplier or customer to an invoice. You can read more about the recognition of Basecone when you click here.

This article explains the following:

  • Create new suppliers and customers 

  • Edit existing suppliers and customers

  • Add the bank account number and IBAN

  • Setup a payment discount for companies linked to Twinfield

  • Select a payment file for a company linked to Twinfield

Create new suppliers and customers 

In the booking screen of Basecone it is possible to create a new supplier (creditor) or customer (debtor). After creating the supplier or customer, this will also be visible in the accounting system in real time.

To create a supplier, click on the plus sign in the booking screen next to the supplier box. It is only possible to create a supplier if no supplier is selected at that time.

The following dialog box opens and the supplier code is automatically filled in. This is the first free supplier code that is send to Basecone from the accounting system. Enter the name of the supplier and then click on the sync icon on the right next to the supplier name field to let Basecone automatically fill in as much information as possible. It is also possible to manually type in or copy & paste the data into the fields.

The current value is the data that is currently filled in the database (because this is a new creditor, nothing has been entered yet). The new value is the data that Basecone recognizes. If you press OK, Basecone will overwrite any current value.

📌 This works especially well if the address fields in Settings > Company for the current company are correctly filled with the details of the billing address. These are then excluded from the recognition of Basecone.

Edit existing suppliers and customers

Before you can edit the details of a supplier or customer, first select the supplier/customer in the booking screen and then click on the Edit button (see image below). A new screen will to open where you can change the details.

Tip: It is also possible to manually select a piece of text on the invoice, copy it and then paste it into the corresponding field.

Add bank account number and IBAN

The bank account number and IBAN fields can only be filled by a user who has permission rights to do this. Permission needs to be given per user by a user with the role Superuser when you go to Settings > Users > Action (edit) - Settings (tab).

📌 The option for Edit bank account/IBAN is by default set to No for each user.  Only a user with the role of Superuser is allowed to change this setting per user.

Setup a payment discount per supplier

You can set up a payment discount for each supplier (creditor) or customer (debtor). When you are in edit screen or after you create the supplier, click on the box "Payment discount" to set up this up. 

When you set up a payment discount you have to enter a general ledger account on which you want to book the discount. The discount for purchases will be booked on a different general ledger account than the discount you give on your sales invoice.

The payment discount set in Basecone is directly applied in the booking. An extra line appears when booking, where the discount is allocated.

If you want to manually adjust the amounts, then the total amount (including VAT) shows an extra option to recalculate the amount.

Select a payment file for a company

If the company is linked to Twinfield, a supplier can be included as standard in the payment order to the bank via Twinfield. Ensure the payment file is selected for the supplier or creditor. If you do not want to include an invoice in the payment batch, this must be indicated in the booking screen in Basecone by clicking on the check box to mark the invoice as "Not in payment batch".

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