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When you open the Settings menu and click on Companies, you can view and manage all companies in your Office environment that you have access to. You can edit the company's settings by clicking on the edit option under the Actions column. 

In this article, you will read more of the company settings:

  • General 

  • Addresses 

  • Settings

  • Users

  • Custom tags

  • Customers / Suppliers

General (tab)

If you open a company via the action tab, you’ll find all the Company details under the General tab. When you fill in these information, this will help to increase the recognition of the invoices and  filter out the company's details.

Addresses (tab)

Under the tab Addresses you will see the address(es) of the company or organisation. You can create or add multiple addresses if needed. Completing the address is very important for a better recognition of your invoices.

Settings (tab)

Under the tab Settings you can define settings for the relevant administration.

  • Enable Purchase order for booking
    This can be enabled if you want to keep track of your purchase order number, but this will not be transferred to your accounting system. This can only retrieved in if you search this in the document details.

  • Free text field available (optional)
    When you enable this option, an additional description field will be displayed that is linked in Twinfield to Free Text Field 1. Please click here  on how you can enable is setting in Twinfield.

  • Require login when viewing documents outside Basecone
    Each session there is only one required login, though after inactivity of 30 minutes per session it is necessary to login again. The option ‘require login when viewing documents outside Basecone’ ensures that users are required to log in to Basecone if they want to retrieve invoices from other systems, such as your accounting system. It is recommended to activate this option if multiple users work on the same computer, for example at home or on a public computer.

  • Ignore warnings when booking period deviates from invoice date
    In special situations, e.q. when an invoice has to be booked in a different period then the corresponding period, you can select this option. This is only for exceptional situations.

  • VAT not applicable
    If you activate this option the company will be without VAT, which is common in the medical field.

    Attention: when using this setting, please be aware that you do not save the VAT-code NO VAT as a posting rule. Do not book a document by using the button Boek and save posting rules.
    You can save posting rules by going to Settings > Companies > Edit > Suppliers/Customers > Edit posting rules.

  • Purchase/Sales ICP vatcodes
    If certain tax codes in your accounting system are characterized as specific ICP (Intra-Community Performance) codes you can indicate them in Basecone.

  • Journal settings
    For multiple journal settings, click here.

Users (tab)

Under this tab Users, you can specify which users have access to the selected companies. The Yes/No button indicates whether a user has access to the company. You can also access a user's setting directly in this screen by clicking on the edit option under the Actions column.

Custom Tags (tab)

In the custom tag tab, you can create Custom Tags folders where you can use to store your documents online. For instance, you can create a folder in the Custom Tag as “Tax 2017” and then you can allocate your IRS documents to the custom tag folder. Basecone keeps these documents digitally in the archive where you can easily find the documents. For these type of documents a fair-use capacity of 500 megabytes (average of 1,500 documents) applies.
The documents can be stored to these folders you have created during the tagging process. You will need to select the document, then click on the CUST tag and then select the folder.

Customers / Suppliers (tab)

In the last two tabs, you will find customers and suppliers. Here you will see all the customers and suppliers available from your accounting system.
In this screen, you will see the following information:

  • Customer or supplier codes

  • Names of the customer or supplier

  • Postal code & city

  • VAT number

  • Chamber of commerce

On the far right, you will see a edit icon where you can view or edit the posting rules of the supplier or customer.  For more information, see article "Posting rules".

📌 If you make changes to the posting rules, they are only applied after you re-tag the invoice or automatically applied to new invoices uploaded to Basecone.

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