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The role super user in Basecone
The role super user in Basecone

If you are the first user in Basecone, you have multiple user roles. Here you will find all the necessary information.

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Go through the 4 basic steps for a perfect configuration of your Basecone environment. As a super user you are responsible for the link with the accounting system, adding companies, creating users and assigning user rights. In addition, you lay the foundation for proper recognition of invoices.

Step 1: add a company

You may have already done this immediately, so you can skip this step. Once the link with the accounting system has been made, you can start adding companies.

Step 2: Provide master data per company

Enter the master data of the companies such as IBAN, Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number. This unique data is essential for good supplier and customer identification.

Do you use Twinfield?

Then make the invoice visible in Twinfield: Without changing this setting, the invoice will not be visible in Twinfield. Follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 3: Add and manage users

Give your colleagues or accountant access to Basecone by adding them as users. Make sure you have the correct user roles and the correct user settings.

💡 Make sure the user can edit IBAN numbers (settings > users > actions/edit > settings tab)

💡 Link the user with the accounting system to be able to post documents (settings > users > actions/edit > accounting system users tab)

Step 4: Prepare for automatic posting

Immediately create a user called auto booker and set it as Automation user at office level. Don't forget to link the Automation user to the accounting system (settings > users > actions/edit > accounting system users tab).

More info about the other user roles:

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