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The role of accountant in Basecone
The role of accountant in Basecone

Set-up everything right at once: a good start is half the work. Hereby all the information that belongs to the user role: accountant.

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In Basecone we have different user roles, in addition to the super user role, you also start as an accountant and as an authorisation administrator.

It's time to experience the full Basecone experience. This means that you process invoices in the most efficient way and really save time by working with Basecone.

We explain step-by-step what you have to do for this. The better you implement these steps, the more you will benefit in the long run.

- Step 1: hand-in documents already tagged, via email

Step 1: hand-in documents already tagged, via email

By delivering the invoices via email and including the tag [INK], purchase, or [VRK], sales, in the subject line, you can immediately go to the Workload matrix in Basecone and click on documents to be booked. There are 2 other options for handing in documents: via the Basecone app or uploading in the web application itself.

💡 Via the menu emails you can see if all received emails are received successfully.

Step 2: enrich the master data of suppliers in the booking screen

We dare to say that the supplier recognition is 95%. To achieve that, you will have to enrich the master data of the suppliers with unique data. These are: Chamber of Commerce number, IBAN and VAT. How do you do that? With a button in the booking screen. We then immediately show what Basecone has recognized from the invoice.

Step 3: work with standard labels

In the booking screen you can add a label in the invoice description or (payment) reference field that relates to another field in the booking screen. For example, [suppliername] [Month-1] [Year]. The data is then automatically taken over and you do not have to add it manually. Save this information by saving the posting rules.

Step 4: use booking rules

You can save the posting line and thus the general ledger account, VAT, cost center, etc. The next time Basecone applies this saved information to the invoice of this supplier. Then all you have to do is check the information.

Step 5: bulk book in the validation overview

This special overview will save you time. The rule is that you perform steps 1 to 4 correctly, because then you will mainly see green dots in the overview. Green means that you can book them. Book them ten at at once, to again, save time.

Step 6: find all invoices in the archive

An online archive of all documents you have supplied and processed is immediately created in Basecone. We have created an extensive search menu so that you can easily find everything in the Basecone archive.

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