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Methods to deliver documents to Basecone

Deliver by email, drag & drop and Basecone app

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You can deliver documents to Basecone in three different ways. This can be send by E-mail, the Upload & tag screen and the mobile Basecone app.

Supported files by Basecone

The below mentioned file formats can be processed and/or saved in Basecone:

  • Recognition and book .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif, .tiff, .xml

  • ​Save only .xls, .xlsx, .docx, .txt, .csv, .swi, .mt940, .940, .sta

  • ​Compressed files .zip (each file in the zip is treated separately)

Submit via email

Each administration in Basecone has a unique Basecone email address, which you can pass on to your suppliers. The unique Basecone email address is as follows: <office code>.<administration code> The email address for your administration(s) is listed under Settings > Administrations.

Administration-specific email address

A more efficient method is to have suppliers email the invoice to your standard email address or to a specific email address such as invoices@[yourcompanyname].nl (if you want to separate invoices from other correspondence). Forward the received email from your supplier to the correct administration in Basecone. You do this by forwarding the invoice to <office code>.<administration code>

Read more about changing the Basecone email address or setting up a forward.

Add the tag to the subject line

For sales invoices: add the label [VRK] to the subject and the invoice will automatically end up in your sales journal. This also works for advance purchase invoices, but the setting Tag all documents as purchase (INK) by default may be a better option.

You can find more information about smart and efficient delivery via e-mail in this article: Delivering documents via e-mail.

Maximum MBs to be delivered

You deliver your documents via email by adding them as attachments to the email. There is a limit to the number of MBs that Basecone can process via email. The entire email should not exceed 15 MB and/or 25 pages.

Submit via the Upload & tag screen

You can submit files in Basecone via the Upload & tag screen. Click Select to select one or more files on your computer.

Or drag the documents onto the page. This way you can submit approximately 100 documents at the same time.

Deliver via the Basecone app

A third option is that your documents are delivered via the Basecone app.

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