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Deliver documents by email

Read more about how to and tips to deliver documents by email

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There are a total of three different ways to deliver documents to Basecone. More explanation can be found on the article: Methods to deliver documents to Basecone

This article will provide you with tips you can use to deliver documents by e-mail:

  • Tag labels

  • Comments to your document by email

  • Receipt of email confirmation

  • Filter for email confirmations

E-mail documents using tag labels

When sending an invoice by e-mail, you can choose to immediately tag a document as purchase or sales. For example, add [PNV] to the subject line to mark the attachment (s) directly as a purchase or use [SLS] for sales invoices. More information about tagging and the available tags can be found on this page

If the setting is enabled as mandatory for authorisation before booking, the tag will be removed and included as text in the comment field. This will need to be manually assigned to an authoriser on the web application.

[CUST] tags you cannot use as mentioned above, via the mail.

Include comments to your delivered documents

You can also add a comment to your documents when delivering them by e-mail. Use the following code in the body of your email to automatically fill the comment field in Basecone: [* write your comment here *]

📌 Any information written outside the star and brackets will not be visible in the application. If each document has a separate comment, each document should be send separately.

Receipt of email confirmation

When a sender sends an email to Basecone, the sender will receive an automatic response confirmation that their document is successfully or failed to be uploaded to Basecone. It can be useful to check afterwards if this was successful delivered. Users with the role of Superuser, Accountant and SME Accountant have the option to also control the incoming emails on the web application. More of this, can be found in article: Confirmation of delivery by e-mail

Filter for email confirmations (optional)

If you receive too many confirmations from Basecone, we can advise you to create a filter in your e-mail application. All known applications for processing e-mail have the possibility to configure a filter so that the receipt of email confirmations of Basecone are automatically allocated to a separate folder when received.

Own your own domain name

It is possible to get your own domain name for a price of GBP 7.50 per month (for all your companies). The e-mail of a company in Basecone normally ends with ‘’, but we can change this into your own address. If you request an own domain name at Basecone, your own e-mail domain is usually active within 48 hours.  Please ensure that the domain name is not already active and does not infract the brand or company name of other companies or organisations.

By default the e-mail address of all companies in Basecone ends with However this can be changed to your own domain name.
The costs for your own domain name is GBP 7.50 excl. VAT per month for all your companies within the same office code. If you wish for your own domain name at Basecone, your own e-mail domain is usually active within 48 hours.  You can mail us at and request us for a form.

📌 You can only use a domain name that is not already in use elsewhere, nor does it infringe brand or company names of other companies or organizations. 

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