Every company in Basecone has a unique Basecone e-mail address where documents can be sent to be delivered to Basecone.
Sometimes there is the need to change this Basecone e-mail address so that the e-mail address is more recognizable and personal. There are a number of possibilities for this:

  • Change the Basecone e-mail address

  • Forward e-mails from your own e-mail address to the Basecone e-mail address

Change the Basecone e-mail address

The unique Basecone e-mail address is structured as follows:

The part before the @ cannot be changed. The part after the @ can be changed. The Support Team can request a domain name for this. The following points are important for before this can be changed:

  • The costs to own your own domain name is GBP 7,50 (excluding VAT) per month per office environment. This will be changed for all the companies in this office.

  • Basecone claims the domain name

  • This domain name must be unique (it cannot infract the brand or company name of other companies or organisations

In order to adjust the e-mail address, we would like to receive a signed request form. You can then send this request form to the following e-mail address: basecone.support@wolterskluwer.com.

Forward e-mails from your own e-mail address to the Basecone email address

It is also possible to have documents automatically forwarded to the unique Basecone e-mail address of a company from your own e-mail address (invoices@company.com). For this you need to set a forwarding system in your own e-mailbox. How this works exactly depends on your e-mail provider, your IT department or system administrator can help you with this.

Tip: You can automatically tag, such as adding [ink] in the subject line (note: this is not possible via a Gmail account).

Depending on your e-mail provider you can also choose to keep a copy of the forwarded messages, then control regularly whether the limit of your e-mail inbox account is not exceeded. If the limit is exceeded, new messages may not be forwarded.

Forwarding from a Gmail account

If you want to automatically forward documents from a Gmail account to an e-mail address of a company in Basecone, it is necessary to confirm this forwarding with a confirmation code.

After you have set up the e-mail forwarding system, you can easily look up the confirmation code yourself in Basecone. You can do this by clicking on E-mails in the left menu in Basecone. If you search for "forwarding" in the From field, you will see the confirmation code mentioned in the subject of the e-mail. The confirmation code is in the subject behind the (#.

You can then enter this code in the Gmail screen below. Please go to  Settings and then to the tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

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