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When a user sends an email with to the unique email of Basecone, an automatic confirmation email is send to the sender informing him or her that the document is successfully uploaded or failed to be uploaded. 

This is a function can be enabled or disabled by a user with the role Super user, Accountants and SME Accountant. This setting cannot be disabled for one sender. If this setting is disabled, it will turn off the confirmation for all senders. You can find this setting when you go to Settings - Company - Action (edit) - Settings (tab) and go to the option "Send confirmation email".

Users with the role Super User, Accountants, SME Accountant and Clients also have the option to control the status of the incoming e-mail on the online application. Users are only able to see the incoming e-mails of the company or companies they have access to. 

How to control if the email has arrived

  • A confirmation e-mail is send to the sender with information containing the name of files uploaded and to which company it is send.

  • Control the status of the incoming emails by clicking the envelope icon on the left menu. In the e-mail screen, you can view and search all incoming e-mails and see the status result of each uploaded document. If it has a status failed, you view what has happened under the column errors. If you are unable to find an e-mail, this means that it has never arrived to Basecone. This can happen if an incorrect e-mail address was used. In that case, please verify with the sender which e-mail address was used. 

  • You can also filter the email list by using different criteria with the filter button at the top right. This makes it easier to find an email with a certain status or within a certain period.

Message details

When you click on a line, it will pop up the message details of the e-mail received. Here you can view different information of the e-mail sent to Basecone.

Only supported files can be uploaded to Basecone, click here for more information.

Filter your incoming confirmation receipts in your mailbox

If you are receiving too many confirmations emails from Basecone, we can advise you to create and use a filter in your mailbox. All known applications for processing e-mails have the ability to configure and filter which e-mail of Basecone can be placed in which folder. This way you can always find your confirmation receipts without ‘spamming’ your mailbox.

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