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Where can I authorise my invoice in Basecone?
Where can I authorise my invoice in Basecone?

I'm receiving emails to authorise invoices in Basecone, but I don't see the documents in the webapplication. Where can I find the invoices?

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Documents can be assigned to an authoriser before or after booking.

The documents that need to be authorised can be found in the Basecone menu under "Authorisation". Click here for more information.

Note: Always check which administration contains the documents that have been assigned to you. Sometimes it happens that someone has multiple usernames and access to different office codes.

An alternative solution is to use the Workload matrix. This page will give you an overview of all the documents assigned to you for authorisation. When you can click on the number below one of the below columns, it will redirect you to the documents that are pending for approval by you:

  • To be authorised before booking

  • To be authorised after booking

If the number is 0, this means there are no invoice to be authorised right now. It can also mean that you are not turn to authorise the invoice. When the invoice is approved by an authoriser, it is then send to the next authoriser.

If the authorisation workflow settings is set up before and after booking, it can happen that you may see this invoice two times. Discuss this with your accountant to control the company's authorisation workflow settings.

Authorisation in the Basecone app

If you want to authorise on your mobile phone, you can easily do this with the Basecone app. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play. After downloading you can immediately log in and start authorizing.

When you are logged in, you immediately see how many documents are ready for you. With the Basecone app you can authorise documents on your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. Approve, reject, put on hold, change the assigned authoriser, read and add comments - this can be done easily, anywhere and quickly with the Basecone app. Read more about the Basecone app

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