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The authorization screen has a new look! And consecutively this article as well.

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From now on you can also authorize documents, before posting, in this screen. To provide a better overview, all authorizations can now be done in one screen.

In the authorization screen, the authoriser can now select the desired company on the top right via a drop-down menu. The authoriser can then see the documents, of the selected company, that are currently ready for authorization by them.

The authoriser can choose to show all documents (via 'all'), documents 'Before posting, 'After the posting’ and the documents that are still 'On hold'.

Via ‘Configure columns' you can choose which information about the documents is being displayed:

'Status', 'Relation', 'Total' and 'Account code’ are mandatory fields. Note: the sorting option is only available when you are logged into the browser application.

An authoriser can approve multiple documents at once, with bulk authorizing. With the CTRL + click function it is possible to select multiple documents. With the button ‘authorize’ the selected documents can then be approved, with one click.

An authoriser can perform one action per document:

  • Authorise
    An authoriser approves the document. The document is placed for authorization for the next authoriser in the flow, or if the authoriser was the last one in the flow, the status in the archive is adjusted to ‘authorized after posting’ (lock with a checkmark icon) when it comes to authorization after posting.

  • Change Authoriser
    The authoriser can assign another authoriser instead of themself. In a drop-down menu, one of the other authorisers can be selected that whom has access to the relevant company. Adding a comment is mandatory for this action. After adding the comment, the document becomes available to the assigned authoriser for authorization.

  • On Hold Authorization after posting - If desired, the authoriser can temporarily put the document on hold. It is mandatory to add a comment so that other users can see why the authoriser has put the document on hold. The comment is registrated in the comment box of the Document Timeline.

    As long as a document is On hold, no actions can be performed other than removing the On hold status. After removing On hold (both the authoriser itself and the authorization administrator can do this), the other actions can be performed again.

  • Remove on hold (if the document is on hold) Authorization after posting -
    This option is visible when there are invoices placed on hold. When the status is removed, it is also mandatory to provide a comment. When the status is removed, all other actions can be taken again

  • Reject
    This action is used to reject a document. Before the document can be rejected, it is mandatory to add a comment. If there is another authoriser assigned to the document, the authorization process will stop here. The next authoriser will not see the document anymore for authorization. The rejected document will be visible in the Rejectbox and can only be managed by the authorization administrator.

Tip: press the button Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple lines. Then you can easily authorise multiple invoice in one-go.

Configure columns (view only the necessary information)

There are 4 default columns selected. The columns selected by the user are stored per browser. This means that when you log in with the same user credentials on the same computer and use the same browser, the columns are remembered.
However, if you are using another browser or log in on a different computer, the columns will have to be set again.

Columns can now be sorted by clicking on the name of the columns. And by dragging them, you can choose their place in line.

Approval of invoices in the Basecone app

Authorization in the Basecone app has remained the same. The new authorization screen has no effect on the authorization in the app.

If you want to authorise on your mobile phone, you can easily do this with the Basecone app. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play. After downloading you can immediately log in and start authorising.

When you are logged in, you immediately see how many documents are ready for you. With the Basecone app you can authorise documents on your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. Approve, reject, put on hold, change the assigned authoriser, read and add comments - this can be done easily, anywhere and quickly with the Basecone app. Read more about the Basecone app

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