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Follow up of documents in the Reject box
Follow up of documents in the Reject box

Rejected documents with authorization after booking. How to return them to the authoriser or mark as done.

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Documents that have been rejected by an authoriser with the authorization after booking, are visible in the reject box. The reject box is not bound by company. Rejected documents from different companies are visible in one screen.

In the reject box you can:

  1. Return to authoriser, restore a document in the authorization workflow.

  2. Mark as done, mark a document as done to remove it from the reject box.

  3. Abondon document, delete a document from Basecone and the accountingsystem. This feature is only available for Twinfield, Boekhoudgemak & Multivers and Xero.

💡 Note: Only accountants and SME accountants have access to the reject box.

Document overview in the rejectbox

Expand and comments

By selecting a document, it will be highlighted in blue and a menu will open with the invoice in it. You can collapse it again by pressing the >> (minimize) button at the top.
You can also expand the menu by pressing the same button << (expand).

With the button << (expand) , the invoice and details will become visible. The comments icon is at the top of the invoice. This allows you to view previous comments and add a comment if needed.

Depending the reason for rejection provided in the comment by the authoriser, the Accountant/ SME Accountant can decide which action should be taken on this invoice (e.g. request for credit invoice). When the appropriate action is taken, the user can put the status of the document on ‘Closed’ by clicking the 'Mark as done’ button.

1. Return to authoriser

From September 22nd, 2020 it is possible to return a document from the reject box to the authorization workflow. Basecone reassigns the document to the authoriser who rejected the document.

💡 Note: The document can't be restored when:

  • The authoriser is unknown. The authorization history will be saved from September 22nd, 2020. Documents that have been rejected before this date cannot be restored.

  • The assigned user no longer has the authoriser userrole.

How to return a document in the authorization workflow

Go to the reject box . Click on the line with the invoice you want to restore. At the bottom of the screen you will find the button Return to authoriser click it and Basecone will ask you to enter a reason. Click Return and the authoriser will be able to find the document in his workloadmatrix and/or documents to be authorized.

Return to authoriser comment section

2. Mark as done

When the document is rightfully rejected, and you have taken the appropriate measures, you can mark the document as done. Documents that are marked as done are not visible in the reject box anymore. You will find these documents in your archive with the status rejected after booking.

3. Abondon document

Since 23rd of October 2020 it is possible to delete a rejected document from Basecone and the accounting system. This feature is only available for Twinfield, Boekhoudgemak & Multivers and Xero. Only documents that have been booked in draft/concept can be deleted. Documents that have been definitively booked or included in draft in a VAT declaration cannot be deleted.

Select the document you want to delete, Abandon document . Confirm the action by clicking Abandon . The document will be removed from Basecone and the accounting system.

Documents will still be visible in your archive.

Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later or contact the administrator.

You will receive this notification when you want to delete a document in the Rejectbox that has already been definitively booked or a draft booking that is included in the VAT declaration. These bookings cannot be deleted via Basecone.

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