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The new posting screen for Twinfield
The new posting screen for Twinfield

The new posting screen especially for Twinfield is explained in this article.

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In November 2023, the posting screen in Basecone for Twinfield companies has been completely revamped. Since this screen is our most important and most used screen, we explain below what has changed and how you can use the screen in the best way.
With the new booking screen you save even more time due to a logical structure that is consistent with the previously released screens such as the validation overview and the authorization overview.
โ€‹๐Ÿ“ŒNote: Activate the role accountant or SME accountant to get access to the posting screen.

How do I get to the posting screen?

You can access Basecone's posting screen in the following ways:

  • Via the Workloadmatrix: click on the documents to be posted for an administration.

  • Via the Validation overview: click on an invoice, select it via the check mark in front of the line and click on Details.


What does the new posting screen look like?

1. New: Automation prompt


A notification that helps you show which documents are suitable for automation. Click on this button and you will immediately go to the automation screen. You can set the conditions there. The next invoice will be posted automatically.

Return to the booking screen via the workload matrix or the validation overview.

2. Assigning authorizers (after posting).

Click on "Choose authorizers" and add an authorization flow or up to 3 authorizers. This refers to the authorization flow after posting.

Via Settings > Administrations > Actions (Edit) > Workflow it is possible to add authorization flows and to assign one standard authorization flow (workflow). It is also possible to automatically assign authorisers by using filters, based on supplier and/or amount. Click the Specifications tab to make authorization after posting mandatory.

3. Recognition results

By clicking this button, it is clearly visible which values the recognition software of Basecone has retrieved from the invoice.

4. Selecting a supplier

If the supplier is not yet directly recognized, then you need to select the supplier here. Of course check our article to see why this supplier is not recognized.

If the supplier is new, then you need to click on this field and then click on "Create new supplier". By clicking on the button "Import data from invoice", you can simply use the recognized data from the invoice to create the supplier.

5. Selecting default labels

Automate the description by adding standard labels and store them in the posting lines with the relation.

๐Ÿ“Œ New: It is no longer necessary to type the default labels yourself. Click on "Add label" and select one or more labels.

In this article you can read about the available standard labels in Basecone.

6. Delete, reject and save

These buttons are more clearly visible and moved to the right bottom of the screen.

  • Using the delete button you delete the document directly from Basecone, you must first provide a reason for the deletion.

  • Reject the invoice means that the invoice is moved back to "To tag" in the Workload matrix. This may be necessary if the invoice has been tagged incorrectly.

  • When saving, the invoice remains in Basecone, but all data already entered is remembered.

7. Save posting rules

The button for saving the posting lines is now more visible. This option is standard deselected.

8. Post the invoice

This button has been moved and it is more clear that you are posting the invoice to the accounting system.


You can easily find the created Comments via the message icon above the invoice. This icon turns blue when a remark has been entered and the field stays open after clicking on it.

10. Total amount

The total amount including VAT, the amount excluding VAT, the amount of VAT and any differences are now shown in the bottom right of the posting screen. The differences and error messages become visible by clicking on the red cross.

11. Journal

The journal has been moved to the bottom left of the screen. You can work with multiple journals. More information about setting up a default journal can be found on this page.

12. Add a new posting line

Add a new posting line by clicking on "Add a new line". More information on using posting lines can be found here.

13. Other options in the posting screen

  • If a credit invoice or credit note is posted, the amounts can be 'reversed' with this field.

  • Select not in payment batch if you want to keep the invoice outside the payment batch in the accounting package. With a sales invoice, this option will not include the invoice in question in the collection batch. This is only possible in combination with Twinfield.

  • By default, Basecone books an invoice as a draft booking. With this option, an invoice can be processed immediately as a final booking. Please note: This option is only offered when the Basecone administration is linked to an administration in Twinfield.

  • The ignore notifications option should be checked in special situations, for example when an invoice with a transaction date outside the corresponding period must be posted. Please note: This option is only offered when the Basecone administration is linked to an administration in Twinfield.

14. Hotkeys

The shortcut keys you can use in the posting screen are unchanged, below are the possible combinations:

  • Posting/processing: Alt + P

  • Post/process and save posting rules: Alt + O

  • Save posting proposal: Alt + N

  • Reject invoice: Alt + R

  • Add posting rule: Alt + L

  • Change supplier or customer: Alt + U

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