When is a user visible?

A user is not visible in the user's list if you both do not have access to the same company. And if the user do not have access to any company, this user will also be hidden in Basecone. 

What causes a user to become invisible?

There are several reasons why a user goes hidden. If one of the below action was taken, the user will become hidden in Basecone:

  • The company the user had access to was deleted in Basecone
  • The company was migrated/transferred to another Basecone environment
  • The access of the company was removed by another user
  • The company was removed from their own user settings
  • Or something went wrong when the user was created

Steps to retrieve a hidden user

  • Log in as Super user (or ask a Super user for help)
  • Go to Settings - Company - Action (edit)
  • Go to tab Users
  • Type in the username or email of the user
  • Control the Access status of the user
  • Click on No to change the access status to Yes
  • Control if the user is visible in the user's list (Settings - Users)

📌 You can also use these steps to control if a user is completely deleted in Basecone. Only the Basecone Superuser have the option to delete a user.
See article: How can I delete a user in Basecone?

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