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Email Basecone support 📧

You can send us an e-mail to Your queries are submitted to our system and our support team will respond or contact you as soon as possible. Please support your questions with a screenshot if applicable and mention the company your question relates to. This provides us additional information to help us better understand your issue and respond to you as quickly as possible during business hours according to our Service Level Agreement. 

It is also possible to send us a direct message on our web-page at


Users can start a conversation using the blue message icon at the button left of the when they are logged in the web application. On this same icon, users can also read answers to their past questions. Be aware this is not a live chat function, but another form to send your questions without having to send an email. Remember to indicate your question as clear as possible and support it with a screenshot(s) if applicable.  

Share your screen using TeamViewer (download)

In some cases a member of our support team can suggest to share your screen. Basecone is using a branded version of TeamViewer QuickSupport to quickly and safely monitor your actions for a short period of time. 

Click below to download the right application for your computer:

Please start this program for Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX and provide the unique partner code to Basecone, followed by a PIN-code. With these codes we can connect to your computer and watch your screen. You can disconnect any time you want without us being able to reconnect to your computer without receiving your prior permission.

If you are unable to download the application, please visit TeamViewer's website.

Phone Support 📞

Depending on your office subscription, this will allow you to call our support desk. If your subscription qualifies for telephone support, you will find a pin code at the menu on the top right settings under help - step 3: Phone. You have to provide this when you call Basecone. If you do not have a phone support, please use one of the above options.

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