Authorise documents (before booking)

How to authorise invoice(s) before booking.

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📌This article is about authorization before booking.

With the user role authorizer you can approve or reject documents. You can also provide comments and change the authorizer. Read all about the possibilities and how, as an authorizer, you can properly manage your document flow and notifications. Work with the Basecone app and receive real-time notifications, or work via the web application (online).

Notification of authorization before booking (via email)

At set times, an authorizer receives an email with documents to be authorized. Authorization before booking notifications are sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. If the document has been in the to be authorized status with the relevant authorizer for more than 48 hours, the email will be sent.

Approving invoices in the Basecone app

Use the Basecone app to authorize invoices on your phone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play store. After downloading you can immediately log in and start authorizing. You immediately see how many documents are ready for you and with the push notifications you are informed in real-time about new documents. Read more about the Basecone app.

Approving invoices in the Basecone web application

After logging in you will see the workload matrix. Click on the number in the column authorization before booking or on the check mark in the gray menu bar to access the authorization screen.

In the authorization screen you will now see the For booking tab. On this tab you will find your documents to authorize. ​You can arrange this page the way you want. Drag the columns and edit the columns by clicking on the gear icon on the right.

Approve or disapprove (On hold is only available after booking)

Select one or more documents, check the invoice and choose to reject or approve.

After approval, the invoice is available for the next authorizer or available for posting. After rejection, the invoice becomes available again for documents to be tagged. Placing On Hold is not possible when authorizing booking.

Change authorizer

It may happen that you do not want to approve or reject the invoice yourself, but that another authorizer needs to assess the invoice. Then select the document and click on change authorizer. It is mandatory to provide a reason.

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