Authorise documents (before booking)

How to authorise invoice(s) before posting.

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In the Home screen you see the overview screen of Basecone. If you have the only role of Authoriser, you will only see the invoices that you have to assess yourself. If you have multiple user roles, it is recommended to filter and only select the check mark:

Control who is assigned as the Authoriser(s)

It is also possible to control who is assigned as the Authoriser(s) for an invoice. Select the document and you can see who is assigned to the document in point #1. In my example below, there is only one Authoriser assigned to the invoice for authorisation.

In point 2, you can see who assigned you the invoice for authorisation (see the middle column behind the tags).

In the Authorisation screen you will now see the option 'Before posting', where you can also reject or approve the invoices before booking:

How to authorise or reject an invoice

Select the document and click on Approve or Reject on the right side of the page. Use the hotkey or shortcut [ALT + Q] on your keyboard to approve the invoice without clicking on the Approve button on the top right of the page.

How to approve multiple invoices

It is also possible to approve multiple invoices with one click. Control all the documents first, select the documents and then click on Approve. Or you can click on 'Select all' icon to select all documents, and then click on Approve or Reject.

In the Authorisation screen you will see the option to reject or approve in the right bottom corner. Putting a document On Hold before booking, is not possible:

By clicking on the gear wheel icon on the right upper side of the screen, you can set filters. These contain 4 standard filters (Status, Relation, Total and General Ledger) and will be saved per browser:

How to change authoriser

If a document was assigned to the incorrect Authoriser, the Authoriser him/herself can also re-assign the document to another Authoriser if possible. 

If the Authoriser does not know who to assign the invoice to, he/she can add a comment in the comment box and let the authorisation administrator re-assign the document(s) to the correct Authoriser. More information about the administrator, please click here.

In the Authorisation screen again in the right bottom corner, you can see the option to change Authoriser. For this you always have to enter a reason.

How to add comment

The Authoriser can add a comment to the invoice before he/she approves it. The comment-icon is on the top right of the page and only visible if you authorise the invoice one by one. Click here on how to add a comment. 

Notification to the authoriser

An Authoriser do not receive a notifications soon as the invoice is booked or ready for authorisation. The notifications are sent at fixed times. More information about the authorisation notifications can be found here.

Authorisation in the Basecone app

If you want to authorise on your mobile phone, you can easily do this with the Basecone app. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play. After downloading you can immediately log in and start authorizing.

When you are logged in, you immediately see how many documents are ready for you. With the Basecone app you can authorise documents on your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. Approve, reject, put on hold, change the assigned Authoriser, read and add comments - this can be done easily, anywhere and quickly with the Basecone app. Read all about the Basecone app

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