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To authorise in the Basecone app
To authorise in the Basecone app

With the Basecone app you can authorise documents on your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want.

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Not using the Basecone app yet? Download it below. After downloading you can immediately log in with your username, password and office code. If you do not have this information, request it from the person who added you as a user in Basecone.

*Note, if you also want to send documents to Basecone as an authoriser, you will need the role of Client user or Restricted client user*

Authorise with the Basecone app

With the Basecone app you can authorise documents on your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. Approve, reject, put on hold, change the assigned Authoriser, read and add comments – this can be done easily, anywhere and quickly with the Basecone app.

In the Basecone web application, invoices can be assigned to Authorisers for review. In the Basecone app, these Authorisers can view and approve or reject the documents on their smartphone. In addition, an invoice can be put on hold if the Authoriser finds that a detail in the invoice is incorrect. And a comment can be added or consulted.

Start authorising

The image below shows the start screen, here you can choose your default company.

On the image below you see the start screen, here you choose your standard company.

If you have selected this, you will immediately be taken to the overview with authorisations. There you see how many documents are still to be authorised within the selected company, and you see details such as amount, is it a credit invoice, comment(s) and the status. To view documents, click on a line in this overview.

If you have access to multiple companies, you can switch companies with the button at the top right. For each company, you can see how many documents are available for authorisation.

Approve or reject a document

In the overview with documents to be authorised (TO DO list), you can immediately approve an invoice by swiping right over the line of the document. By swiping to the left you can reject the document or put it on hold (only with authorization after booking).

Click on a document (a line) in the overview to open it for more details.

Put a document on hold

If you want to put a document on hold because you want to inquire about the document internally, use the orange pause button in the document details to put the document on hold. If you put a document on hold, you are obliged to add a comment. To remove a document from on hold, click the orange pause button again.

📌Note: This functionality is only available for post-booking authorization.

View document details

By clicking on the document line in the overview, you will access the document details. There are 2 or 3 tabs, if the document needs to be authorized before posting, it says Document and Comments. With authorization after booking there is a 3rd screen, Details. The PDF is visible in the Document screen, you can zoom in on it via the plus sign at the top right.

The Details screen contains the most important data of a document, from the Header the invoice name, the tag, possibly whether it concerns a credit invoice, the supplier, the amount (incl. VAT), the invoice number, the transaction date and the due date. From the posting line (s) the general ledger account, the project (optional), the cost center / cost unit (optional), the amount (excl. VAT) and the invoice description.

In the Comments screen you can see the comments made by others, and you can add and send a comment yourself with the arrow. In the overviews, you can recognise a document with a comment by the balloon icon.

At the bottom of the document you can always use the arrows left and right to go to the next document, or to approve, reject or put the document on hold.

All documents sent to Basecone via the app, can be found in the SENT ITEMS tab in the Documents section.

The following are also displayed there:

  • Name;

  • Value (if we have that information in our system);

  • Status;

  • Date it was delivered to Basecone;

  • Tag.

Overview of Authorisers

More than one Authoriser may need to approve the document. Via the icon (person with two arrows around it) at the top right you can see who has to authorise the document, who is the previous Authoriser, and change the Authoriser. You can change the Authoriser after specifying a reason, choose the relevant Authoriser, enter a reason and click Send. The Authoriser has now been changed to the one you selected.

NEW! Previously authorised documents

Upon many requests, we now launched the DONE list where you can find your previously authorised documents. You now have 2 tabs: TO DO and DONE. In TO DO you will find the documents that you still need to authorise. In DONE you will find documents that you already approved on rejected. This way you can come back to this list to check if you had already authorised a specific document, or check what you paid a certain supplier last month.

The documents are shown in the order in which you authorised them, with the last authorised on top. The status is the current status of the document.

As for the to be authorised documents, you can check the document details and read the comments for each document in the DONE list.


If you click on Settings at the bottom right in the overview screen, you will enter the Settings menu. Here you have 7 options, at the top you see the username you are logged in with:

  • My details: click here to change your name, e-mail, IBAN, and other details. These are mostly used for the expense claim module.

  • Company settings: click here to set up standard tags, currencies and categories. The latter 2 are used for sending is expense claims.

  • Security: click to change your PIN code, and to enable or disable logging in via biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

  • Support: click here to view the articles on our Knowledge Base, read the best tips and send a message to our Support department. You can also view previous conversations with our Support department here.

  • Push notifications: click here to turn on push notifications when new documents are assigned to you to be authorised.

  • About the app: click here to view the current version of the Basecone app and to read our privacy policy.

  • Log out: click here to log out of the app, the next time you log in to the app you have to enter your office code, username and password. You will first see a warning before you log out.

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