Suppliers with UBL invoices in Basecone

This article contains a list of suppliers, per sector, who send their invoices to Basecone in UBL format.

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We investigated which suppliers' invoices are processed in UBL format in Basecone. A UBL invoice consists of:

  • an XML and PDF file, or ...

  • an embedded PDF in an XML file

In this article, you can read more about submitting and processing invoices in UBL format and the advantages of a UBL invoice compared to an invoice in PDF format.

If you receive two files via email from a supplier, an XML file and a PDF file, please forward them both to the Basecone administration. This XML and PDF are merged into a UBL invoice.

If you only receive a PDF file from the suppliers below, please contact the supplier to see if you can receive the invoice in UBL format.

The suppliers, of which at least 2000 invoices in UBL format have been processed in Basecone, broken down by sector, are:

* Note: determination of sectors based on company information on GraydonGo

  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of cars

Sligro B.V.


Technische Unie B.V.

Flora Holland

HAVI Logistics B.V.

VersTrade Nederland B.V.

Minato Trading B.V.

(Jomical Food)

Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

Autobedrijf Van Dijk Woerden


Bidfood B.V.

Woodfield B.V.

Sijperda Verhuur B.V.

Libra Energy B.V.


AGF Overtoom Groothandel & Horecaleverancier B.V.

Technische Groothandel Frig B.V.

Dentalair Products Nederland B.V.

New Aspect B.V.

The World of Drinks B.V.

Green Fresh Food B.V.

Madisons B.V.

Holland Tools B.V.

Eijsink B.V.

  • ICT, media and communication

Basecone N.V.

Exact Netherlands B.V.

Conniption ICT B.V.

Hostnet B.V.

Xolphin B.V.

Ziggo B.V.

Moneybird B.V. B.V.

WeFact B.V.

SnelStart Software B.V.

Horeko B.V.


Vodafone B.V.

Payt B.V.

SecureLogin B.V.

  • Rental of movable property and other business services


Rouwservice Nederland II B.V.

Mobility Service Nederland B.V.

CB Facturatie B.V.

People & Payment B.V.

Temper B.V.

Connexie Services B.V.

Agri Inter Incasso B.V. (AI2)

Friesland Lease B.V.

Van Mossel Autolease B.V.


  • Financial activities and insurances

ABN Amro N.V.

BDO Accountants & Adviseurs

De Hypothekers Associatie B.V.

Leen Menken Beheer B.V.

KBC Lease B.V.

T-Mobile B.V.

AFAS Holding B.V.

  • Production, distribution and trade in electricity, natural gas, steam and cooled air

Enexis B.V.



Engie Energie B.V.

  • Advice, research and other specialist business services

Zecuur B.V.

Van Braak Accountants


De Vlieger Administraties

Kok Finance B.V.

Smart Urban Mobility B.V.

Ifiac Financieel B.V.

Staerk B.V.


Hekman Suelmann Accountants B.V.

MKB Ondernemers B.V. (MKB Brandstof)

Vallei Accountants Agri B.V.

4-Vision B.V.

Syfers Administratie & Advies B.V.

Avant accountants

Hyscon Friesland

  • Other services

Kamer van Koophandel

  • Industry

Probo Sign B.V.

Asbipro Distributie BV

  • Construction

Medhurst Solar Systems B.V.

  • Transport

Parkmobile B.V.

Gorter Transport

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Hiemstra-Knibbe B.V.

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