Tagging with cost centers of projects

In the Upload & tag-screen is is possible to make a proposal to which cost center and/or project an invoice should be posted.

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When you work with cost centers and/or projects, employees can immediately make a proposal for a cost center and/or project. This is a proposal and can be changed in the posting screen.

📌Note: this can only be done with bookings to Twinfield, Exact and AccountView. For bookings to Boekhoudgemak & Multivers it is only possible to specify a cost center.

Extra option for cost center and/or project proposal

If projects and cost centers exist in the administration, they can be used in Basecone. A user who wants to tag will see an additional option. Choosing a cost center and/or project is optional, not mandatory.

It is also possible to specify a cost center and/or project later in the process, via the booking screen.

If the option for authorisation before booking is set to mandatory or optional in the administration, an additional option becomes available to propose authorisers in addition to a cost center and/or project. 📌Note: This concerns authorisation before booking.

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