Splitting and merging documents

How to split, merge and re-order the document with multiple pages

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If a document has multiple pages, this can be split and to create single documents. It is also possible to merge multiple documents into a single document. Basecone indicates the number of pages a document has in the Upload & tag-screen and you can easily browse through the documents. 

How to split a document into single pages

A multi-page document can be split. In the Upload & tag-screen you can see how many pages a document consists of. Documents can only be split if the document has not yet been tagged.

Select the document and click the ✂ split button. A popup window will now open. If you choose split per page here, Basecone will automatically divide the document.

You can also make a selection yourself by clicking between the pages to be split. You can always enlarge a page by clicking on it.

Click on the split button at the bottom right and the document will be divided into two or more new documents immediately.

How to merge single documents into one file

Documents can be merged in the Upload & Tagging screen. Select two or more documents and click Merge at the bottom right of the action bar. Merging documents only works if you have not yet tagged the documents.

It is possible to change the order of the pages by dragging the pages with the mouse.

Then click Merge at the bottom right and the new multi-page document will appear.

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