Splitting and merging documents

How to split, merge and re-order the document with multiple pages

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If a document has multiple pages, this can be split and to create single documents. And it is also possible to merge multiple documents into a single document.
Basecone indicates the number of pages a document has in the home screen and you can easily browse through the documents in the middle panel of the home page. 

How to split a document into single pages

Splitting a document is only possible if the document do not have a tag label.  You can also recognize when a document can be split, this will be indicated with a scissor underneath the document filename and after you select the document - you can see the split icon next to the status 'Multiple pages' (see image below). If the document have a tag label, this needs to be removed first. If you need help with this, see article "How do I remove or change a tag label".

When a document is selected, you will see the ✂Split button. When you click on this, you will be able to divide the document into several separate documents. You have the option to split every page or you can select where you want to split the document (see below). When you click on a document, it will enlarge the invoice on the right side of the screen.

After you select where you want the document to be divided, you can mark the box on the top right of the ✂Split per page and the document will divided into two or more new documents. You will be redirected to the home screen, where the new documents are automatically selected. You can recognize this when the bottom right corners of the documents are colored blue. If all your documents have the same tag as PNV / SLS, you can instantly tag all the selected documents directly as purchase or sales.

How to merge single documents into one file

You can merge multiple documents into a new document by clicking the triangle to select two or more documents. Merging documents is only possible if the documents do not have a tag label. After selecting the documents, you can click on the Merge button on the top right.

When you click on merge button, your documents will be merged as a new document. You can still view these pages and if necessary remove a page from the selection. 

The order of the new pages can also be re-arranged when you drag the document around with your mouse when you are in the screen "merge documents".

When the order of the document is correct, you can click on Merge on the right top to save the document. When finished, the new document will appear in your home-screen as a single document and this will be indicated in the filename with the word (Merged).

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