How to add and view a comments

It is possible to add comments to a document.

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How to add comments

Select a document and click on the speechbubble above the invoice. Add a comment by filling the text field and click add. The comments of various users are stored and displayed in order.

📌After an invoice is booked and/or authorised for after booking, it will not be possible to add a comment to a document anymore.

How to read a comment

If a comment is added to a document, the color of the comment-icon will be indicated in blue. Click on the comment-icon to open and read the comments.

How to add comments by email

You can also add a comment to your documents when delivering them by e-mail. Use the following code in the body of your email to automatically fill the comment field in Basecone: [* write your comment here *]

📌 Any information written outside the star and brackets will not be visible in the application. If each document has a separate comment, each document should be send separately.

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