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Push notifications for the Basecone app
Push notifications for the Basecone app

Why push notifications are useful, and how to set it up?

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What it's about?

There is a new addition to the Basecone app, receiving a push notification when an invoice is ready in Basecone to be authorized by you!

As an authorizer, with this feature, you are aware of the number of invoices you have to authorize in Basecone, and you are proactively informed about new invoices that need to be authorized. It provides a good insight into your personal workload.

How does it work?

In the Settings overview of the Basecone app, a new menu is visible, called Push notifications. In this menu it's possible to turn the Push notifications on or off, from that moment Push notifications for the Basecone app will be visible on your iOS or Android device.

Two important things to know:

  • by default, the Push notifications are turned off and they are not sent. You have to enable the Push notifications in the settings to receive them.

  • the user receives one Push notification every 30 minutes for all documents to be authorized, depending on how long a document is ready to be authorized by the user.

For example: the user has been offered 10 documents for authorization, 30 minutes after this action, the user receives a Push notification for the Basecone app with the number 10 visible. If no new document to be authorized is added in these 30 minutes, it remains to this push notification. If a document is added for authorization during these 30 minutes, the clock starts ticking again and a push notification will be sent after 30 minutes from then.

iOS and Android

When the push notifications are sent, iOS users will see this as a red icon above the Basecone app, indicating the number of documents to be authorized. A notification will also be visible at the top of the screen, with the message "You have ... documents to authorize."

For Android users, it depends on the Android version and the device, how the Push notifications are displayed in the app and on the screen. In general, this will be a similar on-screen push notification as above.

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