From now on you can move (migrate) an administration including the archive from one Basecone environment to another in Basecone, with the role Superuser. Note: this applies only for administrations in Exact Online (NL), Twinfield, Unit4 Multivers Visma AccountView and Xero. You can only move an administration within the same accounting system, not from Exact Online to Twinfield, for example.

If the administration within the accounting system is also migrated, it is important to complete this first. Only when this has been completed, the administration in Basecone can be transferred. The new environment in Basecone must also have a subscription.

Current office


Under the tab Administrations in Basecone, below the heading + Add administration(s) a new heading is available, called + Migrate administration (s).

Click on this heading to enter the Migration overview menu. In this overview you can see all past and future actions that you can do as a Superuser for a migration.

Migration overview

There are two tabs in the Migration menu, the Migration overview and the Migration actions. In the Migration overview you see three parts:

  • Start a new migration: here as a Superuser you can start a new migration, if you want to move an administration from your environment to another environment, or if you have received a migration request from a different environment.
  • Administrations that have already been offered for a migration: here you see the overview of administration (s) that have already been offered for a migration, per administration the date, administration name, email address of the administration, expiry date of the migration request, transfercode and the status of the migration is visible. You can also revoke the offered migration here by clicking the Revoke button. Om top of these fields is a search field, in which you can search for administrations or one of the other fields.
  • Administration received for a migration: here you see the overview of administration (s) received from another Basecone environment for migration, per administration the date, administration name, accounting system and the status of the migration is visible. On top of these fields is a search field, in which you can search for administrations or one of the other fields.

Migration actions

By clicking on the button Start new migration mentioned earlier, or by clicking on the Migration actions tab, you will enter the menu with Migration actions. Here you can start a new migration, there are two choices:

  • Move one or more administration (s) to a different environment
  • Retrieve one or more administration (s) from a different environment

Move one or more administration(s)

Click on Move one or more administration(s) to a different environment and click Next, you will now reach the checklist. Here are two important things to check before proceeding with the migration:

  1. Authorizers, like the other users, are not transferred to the new environment.
  2. Before you move the administration, check if the authorizers are not present in a authorization workflow..

Click Next when you have checked these two things. In this step you can indicate which administration(s) you want to migrate to another environment.

First select the accounting system in which the administration is located, then select the administration.. You can move multiple administrations at once, but only if it is moved to the same Basecone environment.

Click Next if you have selected the administration (s). Here is the overview of the administrations you have selected shown, and you can add the email address of (one of the) Superusers of the new environment underneath. This person or persons will receive an email with a transfercode for this migration, and further instructions to complete the migration. You will receive a copy of this email from the applicant. After agreeing to the Terms, you can send the mail from Basecone.

The Migration overview now shows the newly selected administration (s) that have been submitted for migration. The administrator of the new Basecone environment receives the transfercode via the specified e-mail address, and can migrate the administrations (s) to his Basecone environment. In this overview below you can see the date of request, to which e-mail addresses the transfer code have been sent, the transfercode itself and the expiry date of the transfer code (which expires after 15 days). You can still cancel the migration if necessary using the Withdraw button.

New office

Import one or more administrations into my Basecone environment.

In the tab Migration actions click on Bring in one or more companies to my office and click on Next, here the checklist shows. Read this carefully, with the received transfercode by e-mail you can start the migration. If you have not received the code, check our FAQ.

Note !: Do not add the administration directly from the accounting system, otherwise you will not be able to select the available administration during the migration. Basecone can only contain 1 unique combination administration code / administration name at a time.

Enter the transfercode here, to start the migration you must agree with our terms & conditions and the costs for a migration. The costs are invoiced to the new Basecone office environment. After this, click Next.

Here is the overview with the administrations visible, that are offered for migration. Select the administrations that you want to transfer to your Basecone environment, if needed you can still reject the application here. The previous owner receives an email of this rejection, they also see in the overview of migrations in Basecone that the migration was rejected.

After clicking on Next the screen to select the accounting system and administration(s) is visible, to which the administrations to be transferred must be linked. First you select the correct accounting system, then you will see a list of available administrations. Here you select the administration from the accounting system with possibly the changed administration code, therefore it's necessary the the migration in the accounting system has been done. This can always be adjusted as Superuser with an internal migration.

After selecting the accounting system and administration(s), click on Start migration, the migration is now executed in the background. The previous administrator will also receive a confirmation email.

The migration overview will show the migration, with the status In progress. When the migration is complete, the green status Completed is shown here, the administration (s) including the archive have now been transferred. Check if everything has been transferred correctly, such as the archive in Basecone and the links in the accounting system. You still have to give yourself and other users access to the administration (s). You can do this via Settings> Administrations> Actions (edit)> Users tab> Access and turn it to Yes.

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