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E-mails send to Basecone from a scanner

Read more about the SPF record here and what you can do if e-mails do not arrive in Basecone when send from the scanner

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It is possible that e-mails sent from a scanner or printer does not arrive in Basecone. Please go through the following steps below to set this up and get it working properly. We advise you to contact your ICT personnel within your company to help you. Basecone cannot help you set this up. Please follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Control the e-mail address in the scanner

First of all, it is good to know from which e-mail address the scanner sends the documents to Basecone. If the scanner uses a domain name that is not your own, then the (from) e-mail address of the scanner may need to be changed.

If you do not know the e-mail address, you can retrieve it by sending a document from the scanner to your own email address to verify this.

Step 2: Control if the SPF record is set up correctly

If the e-mails from the scanner are not arriving in Basecone, then the problem may be that the sender (e-mail of the scanner) has not been added to the so-called SPF record of the domain. Please follow the instructions on this link on how you can set this up.

Our mail server performs an SPF check. With this information, we will control whether the server from whom we receive the mail is authorized to send e-mails on behalf of the e-mail address specified by the sender (in this case the scanner).

Example: Let's say that the scanner sends a document from the email address
Then we will control this through a so-called SPF record check on which
ip addresses/domains is authorized (the owner of this domain name) is allowed to send mail on behalf of 

Scanner quality 

Each scanner can provide sufficient resolution for a good scan. For invoices that are only processed once, a black / white scan of 200 dpi is sufficient. For documents that you later want to reproduce as close as possible to the original, for example for documents that you save with a Custom Tag without booking, we recommend a color scan of 300dpi. Usually it is a matter of trying out which resolution works for your scanner to provide you with the best result.

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