Archiving bank statements

Read here how you can store your bank statements online in Basecone

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Delivery and tagging of bank statements

You can easily upload your bank statements to Basecone using one of our delivery methods. The bank statements can then be tagged as BNK so that they end up in your digital 'folder' for bank statements. You can also merge the bank statements with other documents that are related.

Cannot be booked, but store it in the archive

Bank statements are usually read nowadays, including via the MT940 file format. There are often direct connections between banks and your accounting system.
That is why we have chosen to only store / archive the bank statements in Basecone. So it is not possible to process your bank statements to your accounting system using Basecone. You can store and view them in the archive, like the all your documents.

You can also generate a link to the bank transactions in Twinfield. Use this article to help you: How to generate ID link for Twinfield?

In this case, you do not use the CUST tag, but the tag BNK.

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