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Authorisation before booking
Notifications for authorisers before booking
Notifications for authorisers before booking

Reminders sent to authorisers for authorisation before booking

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The authoriser does not receive an email as soon an invoice is assigned to them for approval. The system will check this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning if there are documents waiting longer than 48 hours in the authorisation workflow.
If this is applicable, an e-mail is sent to the authoriser informing him/her there are documents pending for approval. 

📌 Ensure that the email of the authoriser is set up correctly in their user settings.

  • Example on authorisation before booking
    If a document is assigned to the authoriser late Monday afternoon, a notification is sent on Friday morning because the status for authorisation is less than 48 hours by Wednesday morning. 

Upon request, we can change the email frequency to every 24 hours instead of 48 hours at free of charge. We can only change this so that the authoriser can receive the emails more often, but not less often. If you wish for this to be changed, please contact us at Be aware that this change is applied to all companies in the office and cannot be changed per company. This can only be requested by the Super user of the office.

Notification sent to Superuser

When the authoriser is not approving invoices for a long period of time, an email is sent to the Superuser informing him/her that the authoriser(s) still need to approve the mentioned invoice(s). The Authorisation administrator (in many cases the Super user or Accountant) can take the necessary action to chase the authoriser to approve the invoices or re-assign the invoice(s) to a different authoriser

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