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This article gives the answers to the most frequently asked questions concering the Basecone app.

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This article answers the most frequently asked questions concerning the Basecone app.

The questions are segmented as follows:

Basics (settings)

I don't know my login credentials for the app

The login credentials for the app are the same as for the Basecone webapplication. If not in your possession, you can request your username and office code from the person who created you as a user.

If necessary, you can reset your password by choosing "Forgot password" on the login page of the Basecone webapplication.

How do I switch companies in the Basecone app?

You can select another company by clicking the 'building' icon top right.

What can I use the Basecone app for?

All functionalities from the previous Spenser and Flux apps are now incorporated in the Basecone app. This means you can deliver photo's and files, submit expense claims* and you can authorize documents.

* You need the declaration module to submit expense claims.

When you're changing apps, please take into account these.

How do I change the language of the app?

Basecone follows the language settings of your phone. You can change these in your phone settings.

Can I be notified when there are documents pending my authorization?

The Basecone app can send push notifications when there is a (new) document assigned to you to authorize. Click here for the description on how to do this.

How do I update the app?

You can update the app from the App Store (IOS) or from the Play Store (Android). You can search the Basecone app and press "update".

What does this ... error mean?

For the meaning of all errors in the app, please click here.

Can I print / download documents from the app?

No, you cannot.

Delivering documents

How do I change the payment method?

Click on the line of the receipt/invoice in the drafts column. Click on the third block "payment method". Select the payment method here.

  • A business payment is for submitting an invoice or receipts.

  • The options private payment and credit card payment are for submitting expenses. Is your receipt/invoice not a declaration? So you choose the first option.

Once you have selected the payment method, you can add any tags and comments.

🚀 New! You can now add a comment to a expense claim report. As long as the claim has not been sent, you can continue to submit receipts and adjust the comment. After submitting, you will find it under sent items > comments

Authorization of documents

Why don't I see any invoices to authorize?

If you do not see any invoices for authorisation, it is good to first check whether you are in the correct company. With the building icon at the top right, you can switch companies.

Is it the correct company, it is a good idea to check with an authorization administrator (possibly the accountant) within the environment whether it is your turn to authorize. An invoice only becomes visible for authorization when the authorizers have authorized it for you.

Sent / delivered documents

How far back can you seracg in the app archive? And how can you view the entire history?

In the app you can only see the invoices that you have submitted within the app. Under the heading Sent items you will find the documents that have been successfully delivered to Basecone, from the moment you use the Basecone app (if you have not manually deleted lines here).
For the complete archive, you can consult the Basecone web application.

What happens when you delete an invoice from the app?

Invoices submitted will only be removed from your phone/device. They are not removed from the archive, in the Basecone web application.

Drafts are completely removed, as they have not yet been delivered to the archive of the Basecone web application.

Where do my submitted receipts go?

Successfully submitted receipts/invoices can be found via the app under Sent items (and always in the archive, in the Basecone web application). Whether the invoice will be tagged, authorized or booked depends on any authorization flows that have been set up and tags provided.

In Sent items you can find all sent documents, submitted via the app, e-mail and web application. It also displays the following:

  • Name;

  • Value (if that information is available in the system);

  • Status;

  • Date of delivery in Basecone;

  • Tag.

Can I still change a submitted invoice?

Once you have submitted a receipt/invoice, you can no longer change it in the app. Until the invoice has been posted, this can be done in the Basecone web application.

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