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With the use of automatic posting in Basecone you can have invoices automatically send into the accounting system based on pre-set conditions. You can read how to set this up here. Find the most frequently asked questions in this article, and corresponding answers:

What settings are needed, for the automation user, in Basecone to be able to automatically post invoices?

  • This user must have the user role Accountant;

  • They must have access to the companies in which automatic entries are made;

  • The user must be linked to a user in the accounting system;

  • And this linked user must have the correct rights to be able to make entries in the linked accounting system.

Can I also post invoices automatically and spread the costs of these invoices in the accounting system (transitory booking)?

It is not possible to spread the costs of invoices that are automatically posted, because no periods can be selected in the preset conditions. This is an option that may become possible in the future.

In the validation overview, invoices are shown as incomplete (orange status), can't the invoices be posted automatically due to this status?

Indeed, invoices that have an orange status and are found to be incomplete by Basecone and therefore cannot be automatically posted.

Can I also have sales invoices automatically posted?

Yes you can! Since the 28th of June, 2023.

Can I create multiple automation rules per customer/supplier?

Yes, that's possible. You can set an automation rule for UBL documents without an amount condition and another automation rule for all documents (PDF) with a maximum amount for the same customer/supplier.

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