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Blog: Trust is good, but confirmation is better
Blog: Trust is good, but confirmation is better

Now translated from the Dutch blog ''Vertrouwen is goed, maar controle is beter!''

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Trust is good, but confirmation is better is usually the rule for accountants. However, while processing your documents, you often see the same invoices. Invoices that you always post on the same general ledger account regardless of the amount or monthly recurring invoices. This includes invoices from subscriptions, rent, energy, telephony, internet and so on.

Do you really look at them before you press the post button in Basecone? Or have you already set-up posting rules for these invoices so you can post these in bulk via the validation screen?

Wouldn't it be much easier to have Basecone post this automatically? We sure think so!

Why would you want to post automatically?

Automatic posting will save you a lot of time. It allows you to use your valuable time efficiently by managing exceptions. Automatic posting has been developed for recurring invoices, for which a standard posting rule has been set (or can be set-up). It also works for invoices from the same customer/supplier, which you know are correctly recognized by Basecone, which you always post in the same way and provide with a standard description. UBL invoices can by definition be automated, because they are 100% recognized, provided they are posted to one and the same general ledger. This way you can look at what is really important instead of having to check and post everything manually.

How does automatic posting work?

As usual, you have the invoices (preferably tagged) forwarded to the relevant company in Basecone. The recognition and matching links it to the correct customer/supplier and the corresponding posting line. Thanks to the additional automation rule, which you set-up once, the invoice is now posted directly to the linked accounting package.

In short, you send the invoices to Basecone and only see it once it has been posted in the accounting system, how nice is that!

What are the conditions for automatic posting, to be safe and reliable?

Naturally, we handle your company with care. If the recognition or matching is not correct or it concerns a duplicate invoice, it will fail and you will see it in the validation screen with a warning. You will decide what you want to have posted automatically or not.

• This way you can set-up per company whether you want to use automatic posting.

• Thanks to a separate automation user, you maintain insight into which and how many invoices have been automatically posted.

• Only users with the role “Accountant or SME Accountant” and access to the relevant companies can use automation rules.

• You determine per customer/supplier, thanks to the automation rules, whether automatic posting applies.

• You then determine the criteria that invoices must meet to be automatically posten with this customer/supplier. Consider conditions such as UBL/PDF invoices and a maximum invoice amount.

Check for exceptions

With this new functionality we will really give time back to the accountant and we have started the path towards checking for exceptions. By setting -up a maximum amount per customer/supplier, the “normal” invoices are automatically posted and the invoices with a higher amount return to the validation overview for verification. Consider the monthly rental invoice, which you can “simply” have automatically posted. However, you will want to double check the annual increase.

For now, we will leave setting this up to the “Accountant” user role. We assume that, through experience they know for which customers/suppliers an automation rule can be of value.

In the future, we want to support this by indicating, based on the available data, for which customers/suppliers it may be interesting to set up an automation rule.

📌 And that time is now! As from the 19th of February 2024 Basecone will show you recommendations for automatic posting:

Basecone will show you which customer/supplier could be a good option to automatically post. You will see how many invoices were posted in the last 90 days of that same customer/supplier that have not yet set-up any conditions.

You can then easily choose to set-up automation directly or set-up specific rules before applying automatic posting for that customer/supplier.

Basecone will also show you a recommendation regarding a rule you might want to set up. How much documents were above or below a certain amount can help you choose the best rule.

After creating the automation condition, these will be applied to newly supplied documents that are provided with a tag. The conditions do not yet apply to the documents that are already ready to be booked.

Have you become curious about the automatic booking functionality? Then look at this article on how to set up this functionality.

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