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With the Agro module you can process extra information such as numbers, weight and partner codes.
With the Agro module you can process extra information such as numbers, weight and partner codes.

Read more about setting up, the link with JoinData/EDI-Circle and working with the Agro module.

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In the agricultural sector, financial administration is often a challenge because of the specific registration of key figures. To make this digital and easy, Basecone has developed the Agro module.

The module can be combined with the accounting packages, AccountView and Twinfield. This makes several extra fields available for processing quantities, weight and partner codes. There is also an integration with JoinData/EDI-Circle.

If the purchase or sales invoices are processed in UBL format in Basecone, the quantities as recorded in the UBL are automatically transferred to the relevant field in the Basecone booking screen.

Activate the Agro module

You can submit a request to activate the Agro module via This is done at office level. The module can then be activated at administration level via the administration settings.

Settings > Companies > Actions (edit) > Settings tab > Activate Module Agriculture.

We currently do not charge for this module.

It is also important that via Settings > Companies > Actions (edit) > Settings tab > Free text field available is set to No.

The booking screen with 3 extra fields

After activating the Agro module, three additional fields will become available in the booking screen. A quantity field, a weight field and a partner code field. These three fields are available per entry line.

NB! The fields are not automatically filled from the OCR (PDF recognition) and must be filled manually.

Process data in Twinfield

In combination with Twinfield, these values are linked to free text field 1, 2 and 3 respectively on the entry detail line. Note that this has also been adjusted in the journal settings in Twinfield. See example below.

The free text fields can be included in the reports in Twinfield, for example general ledger account card, etc. Unfortunately, the numbers in the reports in Twinfield are not added up.

Rovecom business bv

Activating the link with JoinData / EDI-Circle is carried out by Rovecom Zakelijk bv. After a one-off activation of the link between JoinData and Basecone by Rovecom, the invoices from EDI-Circle are automatically delivered to Basecone in the correct Basecone administration at night.

To establish a link between JoinData and a Basecone environment, the superuser of the environment must contact Auke de Haan of Rovecom Zakelijk bv. Calculated for establishing the necessary links and setting up the permissions in JoinData, including instructions to users Rovecom Zakelijk bv pays a one-off consultancy fee of approximately EUR 3,000. For further details of the work to be performed, please contact Auke de Haan of Rovecom,

In addition, Joindata charges EUR 1,500 annually for a support contract and a distribution fee for each message sent (0.14 EUR cents per message).

An overview of the 260 data sources (February 2021) and the affiliated suppliers is available on the Joindata website.

An Agro dashboard is available for the farmer. More information can be obtained from Rovecom Zakelijk bv.

UBL Invoice

If a UBL is processed in Basecone, the details, as included in the UBL, are transferred to the entry line(s) at line level. Not only the amount and the description, but also the quantities are transferred from the UBL invoice to the detail line.

UBL invoices are delivered in Basecone in the usual way.

Line-level booking information from a UBL invoice

At line level, a general ledger account and possibly a cost center and/or a project code must be added manually. The booking information included in UBL cannot be transferred in the case of the Agro module.

As soon as the (UBL) mapping tool becomes available in Basecone, the booking information can be stored at line level in Basecone and reused.

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