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We are sorry to see you go! Would you like to share the reason for this with us? Your reason can help us to improve our services.

Our Support Team will help you get everything in order. Please send an email to for us to help you further.

Basecone uses a notice period of one month.

Do you only want to close a company? Then you will have to arrange this yourself or directly with the accountant. Please keep in mind the obligation of having to keep your documents saved.

If an environment/company is closed, you can no longer view the posted documents in both Basecone and the accounting system. Regarding legislation, it is important to store your documents digitally.

You can do this in 3 ways:

  1. Download it manually, see this manual on how to do so (for large quantities, option 2 may be more convenient);

  2. We can make a data dump of your entire Basecone environment/company for € 50.00 (excl. VAT), this is for a maximum of 10 companies. Request an order form for this via A Super user should submit this form;

  3. You still keep Basecone accessible for 1.30 euros (excl. VAT) per company, per month. You can then continue to consult the documents via the accounting system and in the Basecone archive, but you can no longer post documents.

Note: If you choose option 3, make sure that you deny Authorizers' access to the company and that you deactivate the declaration module from the Basecone app, for the users (Settings > Users > Actions (Edit) > Settings).

🚀 New! Is a company archived, but you still have access to that company? Then you will now see the label Archive via the Basecone app.

📌 If you use Basecone in combination with Exact, the documents are probably in PDF in Exact. You will have the original documents in Exact after closing Basecone. You can check this via Settings > Companies > Settings tab > "Send PDF of invoice with booking".
From the moment this setting is set to "Yes", the PDFs of the invoices are send to Exact. Always check this!

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