Reconnect with Twinfield, OAuth2

We explain why and how you have to reset the connection between Basecone and Twinfield.

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If you are making use of a Single Sign On (SSO) platform to log in, in Twinfield, then the information below is not yet applicable to you.

An SSO-platform is a tool which is used to log in to multiple systems. If you log in by using a username and a password in every tool, then you are not using an SSO-platform.

Why is it necessary to renew the connection with Twinfield?
From November 1st 2021, Twinfield will not support the current API connection anymore. Therefore we will switch to a new way of connecting with Twinfield. A precise date, when the old connection will not be supported anymore, is not yet communicated by Twinfield.

This new way of connecting is safer and technically more stable. All Twinfield customers should therefore reestablish their connection with Twinfield. In this article we will explain step by step how to do this. If you have any other questions related to this reconnection, please take a look at our FAQ.

Three possible scenario's:

  1. Connected: The OAuth2 connection is activated, the user does not need to perform any action. (you can ignore the blue button 'View old credentials')

  2. Reconnect: There is still an old connection, please click Reconnect.

  3. Not connected: There is no connection with Twinfield, click on Connect.

Reconnect step-by-step
All Twinfield users in Basecone will see in the 'accounting system user' tab that the connection will expire soon.

  • You can navigate to this page by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper right corner and subsequently on 'User settings'.

  • Please go to the 'accounting system user' tab.

  • By clicking on 'Reconnect' and following the next steps, you can reconnect.

When clicking on 'Reconnect', you will be navigated to Twinfield.
​Logging into Twinfield
If you are not logged in, in Twinfield, you will first be navigated to the Twinfield login page. Please fill in your Twinfield credentials here.

If you are already signed in you will be directly navigated to the screen below.
​Confirm the connection
Confirm the connection by clicking on 'Yes, allow'.

After this, you have followed all the steps and reconnected Twinfield.

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